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Basecamp by Mind Map: Basecamp

1. Account Owner

1.1. projects

1.1.1. Project create new existing template view

1.1.2. Discussion post edit add comment upload file View share via email select all select none choose whom to select loop-in View history sort newest oldest delete copy new project existing project move new project existing project archive

1.1.3. To-Do List view time anyone/unassigned move new project existing project add/edit assign unassign due date attach file check/uncheck copy preserve comments preserve dues

1.1.4. Events add/edit single day multiday share via email delete discuss add comment upload file

1.1.5. Text Documents Craete Save view history Edit sort delete copy move add label

1.1.6. Files create delete upload add label rename cancel download view listview gridview discuss add label sort share via email select all/none choose to select loop-in

1.1.7. invite people via email

1.1.8. catchup

1.2. calendar

1.2.1. agenda view

1.2.2. calendar view

1.2.3. stand alone calendar

1.2.4. project calendar

1.2.5. add calendar

1.2.6. subscribe iCal

1.2.7. add event

1.2.8. add to-dos

1.3. Everything

1.3.1. browse discussion

1.3.2. review to-dos

1.3.3. view files

1.3.4. text documents

1.3.5. view forwarded mails

1.3.6. view deleted items

1.4. Progress

1.4.1. shows all project updates

1.5. Everyone

1.5.1. add people

1.5.2. make company add group add departments

1.5.3. View profile team member grant privileges client project access remove client calendar access no access transfer client to team

1.6. Account

1.6.1. edit aacount billing and invoices export data cancel account basecamp account

1.7. Upgrades

1.7.1. choose package

1.8. Signout

2. Superadmin

2.1. package management

2.2. user management

2.3. Content Management System

2.3.1. Tutorials and Guides

2.3.2. Third party add ons

2.3.3. Online classes

2.3.4. Latest news

2.3.5. About us

2.3.6. Blog

2.3.7. Newsletter

2.3.8. Social media contact

2.3.9. Privacy Policy

3. Client

3.1. Can create new project if given access

3.2. Can only access projects he is invited to

4. Admin

4.1. Has same access as account owner but can not remove any user/company

5. Homepage

5.1. Login

5.2. Registration