Creative Capitalism

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Creative Capitalism by Mind Map: Creative Capitalism

1. Eases the world inequities

1.1. Labs in India are working on ways to create products such as computers cheaper and more affordable. This allows them to use business to make money and spread technology to the minority.

2. Stretches the reach of market forces

2.1. Microsoft has spent $3 billion in cash to bridge the digital divide

2.2. They are also having their greatest impact by providing free or inexpensive software.

2.3. They are showing how to use technology to create solutions.

3. Solution to pure capatalism

3.1. By changing business incentives such as recognition. This triggers a market based reward for good behavior

3.2. Takes the interest in the fortunes of others and ties it to our interest in our own fortunes.

3.3. Technology has bettered the world through life expectancy, science, and medicine. However this has just made the rich richer. The drive for technologic advancements solves problems for the rich, not the poor.