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Networking by Mind Map: Networking

1. Betty Grossweiler

1.1. Mark Krane

1.1.1. Purchasing Agent, Warren Township

1.2. Eleanora Herman

1.2.1. Recreation Director, Warren Township

1.3. Vic Sordillo

1.3.1. Mayor, Warren Township

1.4. Gary DiNardo

1.4.1. Deputy Mayor, Warren Township

1.5. Alan A. Siegel

1.5.1. Author, Lawyer, Chair of Historic Society in Warren Township

1.6. Carolann Garafola

1.6.1. Committee Person at Warren Township, Head of Town web site

1.7. Martha Reeder

1.7.1. Web designer of Warren Township

1.8. Rory Britt

1.8.1. Chairperson of Warren Township Historical Committee

1.9. Mal Plager

1.9.1. Committee Person, Warren Township

1.10. Frank Salvato

1.10.1. Committee Person, Warren Township

2. Matt Frieburghaus

2.1. Assistant Professor Digital Media at Marist College

2.1.1. Halsey Burgund-Sound Artist

2.1.2. Doug Easterly-Digital Artist

2.1.3. Heath Hanlin-Digital Artist

2.1.4. Michael Heroux-Web Architect

2.1.5. Sean Hovendick-Digital Artist

2.1.6. Eva Lee-Digital Artist

2.1.7. Rebecca Mushtare-Digital Artist

2.1.8. Lise Prown-Gallery Director/Artist

2.1.9. Laura Rusnak-Digital Artist

2.1.10. Carl Van Brunt-Gallery Director/Digital Artist

3. Eric Schmidt

3.1. Richard Branson

3.1.1. Chairman of Virgin Group

3.2. Andrew Sorkin

3.2.1. The New York Times: Chief M&A Reporter

3.3. Chad Hurley

3.3.1. Co-founder and CEO YouTube

3.4. Arianna Huffington

3.4.1. Co-founder and Editor in Chief Huffington Post

3.5. Larry Page

3.5.1. CEO of Google, President of Products

3.6. Alan Eustace

3.6.1. Senior Vice President, Engineering and Research, Google

3.7. Jeff Huber

3.7.1. Senior Vice President, Engineering, Google

3.8. Denise Shiffman

3.8.1. Writer and Digital Marketer

3.9. Bill Gates

3.9.1. Chairman Microsoft

3.10. Erik Lammerding

3.10.1. Senior Manager, Worldwide Developer Relations, Apple Inc

4. Brett Phares

4.1. Ken Willner

4.1.1. CEO at Zumobi

4.2. Peggy Miles

4.2.1. President and CEO of InterVox Communication

4.3. Sean McClintock

4.3.1. Interactive and Motion Designer

4.4. Lance Barclay

4.4.1. Owner at Valiant Media, Inc.

4.5. Benjamin Finkel

4.5.1. Sr. recruiting Associate for Interactive Creative

4.6. Jon Infanti

4.6.1. Graphic Designer at Professional Sports Publication

4.7. Scott Gustlin

4.7.1. Vice President at RTP| Interactive

4.8. Julie Mikos

4.8.1. Photographer and Wedding Photographer

4.9. Joshia Gaume

4.9.1. Web Designer at Addvisors

4.10. Ian Hopkins

4.10.1. Online Consultant at Global Security Intellegence LLC

5. Kathy Dubois

5.1. Mom extraordinaire

5.1.1. Terri Klingert Web designer of Our Lady of the Mount Church

5.1.2. Laura Lei Baker Advertisement and Marketing

5.1.3. Martha Reeder Web Designer or Warren Township

5.1.4. Janice Mang Home maker Contact with Graphic Designer

5.1.5. Sharon Russo Interior Designer/Artist

5.1.6. Gary Sadykov Director- Network Operations Valiant Insurance

5.1.7. Kenny Wang Sr. System Architect Valiant Insurance

5.1.8. Nancy Peer Graphic Designer/Artist

5.1.9. Filomena Titterella Web Designer

5.1.10. Joseph Barret Retired Daughter in law works for