"Context" in Marketing and Brand-Communication

Immer wieder kommt die Forderung auf, daß Werbung und Kommunikation kontextueller werden muss. Aber was bedeutet Kontext eigentlich und wie verändern neue Medien den Kontext von Marken und Botschaften.

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"Context" in Marketing and Brand-Communication by Mind Map: "Context" in Marketing and Brand-Communication

1. What is "Context" anyway? What does it mean?

2. How do "Context" and relevance of messages correlate?

3. Cases: Do you know campains or ads that got their "Context" right?

4. How does Social Media change the "Context" of brand perception?

5. How can "Context" be researched, understood or visualized?

6. Is "Context" plannable?

7. Is "Context" the topic you actually want to discuss? Any other suggestions?

8. Context-Engineer, Meaning Officer, Experience Designer, Storyteller, Chief Cultural Officer - Is the "Context" of our workplace also changing? Which kind of experts are needed in a "context-sensitive agency"? Which part will the planner play?

9. Augmented Reality, the Evernet? How does the ubiquity of digital media change the "Context" of physical spaces (like the POS or an event?)

9.1. The Internet is a space too!

10. Links, Books or other media on "Context"

11. About this Map

11.1. Developed for: PLANNING BARCAMP Hamburg | 27.08. 2010 @ Good School Hamburg | www.planning-barcamp.de

11.2. Organisation: Christian Riedel | www.creativeglasses.de

11.3. Partner: Account Planning Group Germany, www.apgd.de

12. How about "out of context" as a strategy?