Cartilage cells phenotypic mosaicism

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Cartilage cells phenotypic mosaicism by Mind Map: Cartilage cells phenotypic mosaicism

1. Cartilage is a kind of animals' connective tissue

1.1. Main types of cartilage are

1.1.1. elastic cartilage

1.1.2. fibrocartilage

1.1.3. hyaline cartilage if located on the articular surfaces of bones

2. Object of the study is

2.1. articulate cartilage

2.1.1. has unique biomechanical properties structural features 'The Basic Science of Articular Cartilage' [Fox et al., 2009]

3. Articulate cartilage has cells called

3.1. chondrocytes

3.1.1. are dispersed within extracellular matrix (ECM) nonuniformly components of ECM