Perfect World client Structure

Difficulty rating: intermediate

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Perfect World client Structure by Mind Map: Perfect World client Structure

1. Models

1.1. <Path to object>

1.1.1. .ECM .SMD if version 5 .smd if version 6 .smd if version 8 .smd

2. Surfaces

2.1. .jpg login screens

2.1.1. "ingame" folder map pictures emotions

2.1.2. "minimaps" map folders with 4 .dds images to a map square

2.2. other general menu images

2.3. "" -server logo

2.4. "百宝阁" folder

2.4.1. .dds files previews of items for cash shop

3. GFX

3.1. <any folder containing .gfx files>

3.1.1. .GFX

3.2. "textures" folder

3.2.1. .DDS file particle image

3.2.2. .BMP file particle image

3.2.3. .TGA file same as a .DDS

4. Configs

4.1. List of animation names

4.2. censored words

4.3. item name colours

4.4. item descriptions

4.5. debugg consol commands

4.6. many files for error messages

5. Interfaces

5.1. each menu has

5.1.1. .dtf buttons/images/background - names and picture links

5.1.2. .stf Text on menu

6. SFX

6.1. .wav files

6.1.1. ingame sound effects

7. Map folder

7.1. <map name>

7.1.1. region.clt clientside mirror of region.sev. controls safe zones and portals.

7.1.2. precinct.clt clientside mirror of precinct.sev. controls area names, respawn points and ingame music.