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Why I Play ARGs by Mind Map: Why I Play ARGs
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Why I Play ARGs

The Lost Ring

Package in the mail

Old olympic poster

Tied to

Led to '08 summer games

AKQA was the marketing firm that led the project

Player generated wikis and collaborative systems

Encouraged by game organizers

Successfully recreated a new made-up game around the world

Massive Collaboration

Labrynths needed to be created in cities around the world for training in the game

Creates a real-world social experience


Lead player is blindfolded

Other players lead them through the labrynth by surrounding them and humming, Creates virtual walls

What Are ARGs

Online/Real World hybrids

Storytelling and a collaborative narrative

Grand story

Sense of importance

Typically involves a mystery

Dark Marketing

Hidden sponsorship

Meant to attract young, hip, demographics



Game designed around solving real world problems

Targeted to harness creativity from Africans about the problems of Africa

Encourages people to solve problems of the future

Built in model of mentorship and conversation

Ideas are discussed and extended

Why Philip Plays Evoke

Try and make a difference in the world

Develop new solutions

Low Budget ARGs

Matrix ARG game was done by 3 out-of-work people


Done on the streets of SF

I created Faceless Invasion for under $3K

Sequel was a little more ARGy and had about the same cost