Contemporary Problems Brainstorm

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Contemporary Problems Brainstorm by Mind Map: Contemporary Problems Brainstorm

1. WHY

1.1. The first step to solve a problem is to recognize a problem exists

1.2. From a different perspective, problems are opportunities

1.3. Brainstorm to find a resolution to the questions:

1.3.1. "People are needlessly suffering all over the world, what is it I can do or should do?

1.3.2. "How do you make progress without knowing what the vision is?"

1.3.3. "What world do I want to give the the future generation?" What would you say when your children ask: you could have given us a better world (i.e. no physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual debt) but you did nothing about it?

1.4. It is part of the duties of a Dominican

2. HOW

2.1. Observe the world from a natural perspective

2.2. Share from my own experience

2.3. Incremental and atomic transactions

2.3.1. while I try to be as complete as possible this is always a work in progress; just make sure every time I make an update, it is ready to publish

2.4. Observe everything with respect to another, considering that God created the universe with a purpose

2.4.1. get to the root of the issues, try to be brief

2.5. Organize it so people can digest it and apply the appropriate actions in their own lives

2.5.1. Organize it using Wheel of life as model



3.1.1. SPIRITUAL CHALLENGES False understanding of freedom 4 kinds of freedom Going against Nature Bad Psychology Laudate Si Dehumanization The Secret Roots of Liberation Theology

3.1.2. INTELLECTUAL CHALLENGES Information overload – Too much noise and distraction in the world to be aware enough ask the deeper questions of life Education failure – Knowledge vs Wisdom Basic logic and reasoning skills [e.g. fallacies, socratic method] not taught Devaluation of the college degree Relativism Hypocrisy The new Intolerance - Liberals targeting Religion Ask a gay bakery for cake and get charged with crime State Department Says No to Iraqi Christians (yet says defends other groups [that are politically convenient] from "ethnic cleansing" The EPA accidentally released 1 million gallons of toxic wastewater into the Animas River

3.1.3. PHYSICAL CHALLENGES Too much dependency instead of self-sufficiency – a form of control Manipulation of the food supply Risks due to maximizing production without ethics Energy and resource problems: Water shortages Oil shortages and war Not investing in Nuclear Ongoing war Restore Nineveh Now Naive attitude toward potential natural disasters e.g. solar flare emp The EMP Threat: Sending America Back To The 1800s Health Epidemic

3.1.4. SOCIAL CHALLENGES Communism/Socialism The 4 goals of Marxism: Loss of Christian Identity in Europe and the West Vacuum filled by muslims, some who are islamic terrorists Replacing God with government

3.1.5. FAMILY CHALLENGES Degeneration of the Culture The destruction of the Family Destruction within the Church

3.1.6. CHALLENGES IN CAREERS AND JOBS Economic manipulation International competition Outsourcing Lack of skilled workers Automation

3.1.7. ECONOMICS Capitalism almost identical to communism without sense of ethics Business without ethics Declining birth rates and effect on economy e.g. Japan’s sexual apathy is endangering the global economy


3.2.1. see "SOLUTIONS" mindmap


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