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Alcohol & Drugs by Mind Map: Alcohol & Drugs
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Alcohol & Drugs


Money may also have an impact on wether or not a young person gets involved with alcohol and drugs. Reffering to the "Geographical location example, it may be harder for young people in a lower class/working class area to be able to afford to use, whereas a young person from a more upperclass area may have more access to be able to finance drug use. If a young person from a lower class area doesn't have access to endless amounts of money, they may have to get a job themselves, or more often than not, have to commit crimes in order to obtain the money.


How a young person is brought up within the family structure may also contribute to possible alcohol or drug use. For example, if a child is born into a family where drug use is prevalent, more often than not they may be stuck in that same cycle when they are going through young adulthood.   Also, if the family are education on alcohol and drugs themselves, and are able to pass on the knowledge to the young person, so they are able to make an educated decision about wether or not to start using/try drugs and alcohol.


Family support can determine wether or not a young person continues education while using alcohol or drugs, or even using drugs and alcohol at all.  

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A young persons peers, doesn't neccesarily mean they are friends. A young persons peer could be someone they work with, or someone who they have met through other people. However, if there is someone who might not be within their normal friendship group who is using drugs and alcohol, it might also be a gateway for the young person to be able to experiment with drug use also.


Friendship groups may also have an impact on wether or not a young person gets involved with the drug and alcohol scene. If they have friends that are willing to try, or already use, their chances of also wanting to try it or get involved are higher, than if they had friends who didn't want anything to do with drugs or alcohol at all.

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Socio-economic Status

Socio-econmic status, like geographical location and money, can be linked to drug and alcohol use because it is based on "class" and status within society or community.

Geographical Location

Geographical location can have impact on a young persons drug and alcohol use due to it being more accessable, or accepted, which can also be connected to Socio-econmonic status. For example, in Footscray, because it's know as more of a lower class/working class society, its almost expected that there would be more young people abusing drugs and alcohol, than say young people from Toorak, which is known for its upperclass. These conclusions are also stigmatised, and dont neccesarily reflect what actually happens.

Cultural Perceptions

Cultural perceptions is wide and varying in terms of encouraging young people to experiment in drug and alcohol use. For example, the more older generation of people still view drugs as evil and highly dangerous, whereas within the more younger generation its alot more exepted and accessible. Sub-group cultures also have an impact. Some society perceptions are that young people who are into the "RAVE" music scene are automatically givin the lable of "Pill Poppers", or that young people who like music festivals are "Stoners", whereas thats not always the case.


Employment can determine income, socio-econmic status and geographical location. It may also have an impact on how accessible drugs may be, due to having more disposable income, than young people who may have to steal or even prostitute themselves to obtain enough money to purchase Alcohol and drugs.