Content Creation Process

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Content Creation Process by Mind Map: Content Creation Process

1. Content Types

1.1. Event reminder

1.2. Promotion

1.3. External article

1.4. Throwback Thursday

1.5. Funny

1.6. Infographic

1.7. Evergreen blog post

1.8. Trivia

1.9. Discussion topic

2. Schedule

2.1. Monday

2.2. Tuesday

2.3. Wednesday

2.4. Thursday

2.5. Friday

2.6. Saturday

2.7. Sunday

3. Follow social media editorial calendar to see what content is needed

4. Research and find links to post

5. Create social media images for each post

6. Schedule posts in Buffer and Edgar

7. Review engagement metrics and conversation to see what can be done differently

8. Reschedule post if needed as part of evergreen content initiative