Copyright Your Works

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Copyright Your Works by Mind Map: Copyright Your Works

1. PA (Work of the Performing Arts)


1.1.1. Composition / Song

1.1.2. Notes / Chords / Melodies / Lyrics

1.1.3. When someone else records the song, YOU GET PAID

1.1.4. Writer's royalties

1.2. Drawbacks:

1.2.1. Does not get you paid for the master recording, just writer's royalties

2. SR (Sound Recording)


2.1.1. the Master or Recording

2.1.2. When the recording gets played on the air, YOU GET PAID tv show radio record sales

2.1.3. master play royalties

2.2. Drawbacks:

2.2.1. Does not protect the song (the underlying work) from being recorded by someone else and released in a DIFFERENT sound recording