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3D1X2 by Mind Map: 3D1X2
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Describe classes of fire extinguishers




2.1, ORM, Resources

2.2, AFOSH Standards for AFSC, Resources

2.3, Hazards of the AFSC, Resources

2.4, Practice safety precautions, 2.4.1, Maintenance actions, Resources, 2.4.2, Energized equipment, Resources, 2.4.3, 2.4.4, In Radio Frequency (RF) hazard environments, Resources, AFOSH STD 48-9, TO 31Z-10-4, Command and local directives, 2.4.5, Working with compressed gas cylinders, Resources, AFOSH STD 91-50, TO 42B5-1-2, Command and local directives, 2.4.6, When handling hazardous materials, Resources, AFOSH STD 91-50, AFOSH STD 91-68, TO 00-25-213, New node

2.5, Safety and personal protective equipment, Resources, TO 00-25-245, AFOSH STD 91-50, AFOSH STD 91-66, Command and local directives, 2.5.1, 2.5.2, Maintain, 2.5.3, Inspect, Resources

2.7, Fire protection procedures, Resources, Command and local directives, AFOSH STD 91-66, AFOSH STD 91-10, 2.7.2, Describe fire protection procedures for electronic equipment, Resources, 2.7.3, Describe fire protection procedures for critical communications facilities, Resources

2.8, Work center safety program, Resources, AFI 91-202, AFI 91-301, AFQTP 3DXXX-232A, Command and local directives, 2.8.1, 2.8.2, Manage workcenter program, Resources, Conduct Job Safety Analysis, Resources, 2.8.3, Document AF Form 55, Resources





Preform general housekeeping


Around High Voltage equipment


5 Level Tasks


CYBER TRANSPORT CAREER FIELD, 1.1., Structure, Resources, Personal, AF Documented, 1.2, Progression within Air Force Specialty Code 3D1X2, Resources, Personal, AF Documented, 1.3, Read CFETP 3D1X2, Part I, 1.4, Air Force Specialty Code 3D1X2, 1.4.1, Explain duties of AFSC, Resources, Personal, AF Documented, 1.4.2, Explain responsibilities of AFSC, Resources, 1.4.3, AFSC corecompetencies, Resources, 1.4.4, Qualifications, Resources, 1.4.5, Customer relations, Resources, 1.4.6, Associated career family AFSCs, Resources

Task References


CYBER TRANSPORT CAREER FIELD, AFH 33-337, AFI 10-401, AFMAN 36-2101, 3D1X2 CFETP, AFI, 33-115, 10-401, Subtasks


OPERATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT (ORM), AFI, 90-901, 91-301, 91-302, AFOSH STD, 91-50, 91-64, 91-501, Subtasks


Task Knowledge

1, Can do simple parts of the task. Needs to be told or shown how to do most of the task. (EXTREMELY LIMITED)

2, Can do most parts of the task. Needs help only on hardest parts. (PARTIALLY PROFICIENT)

3, Can do all parts of the task. Needs only a spot check of completed work. (COMPETENT)

4, Can do the complete task quickly and accurately. Can tell or show others how to do the task. (HIGHLY PROFICIENT)

Task Preformance


b, Can name parts, tools, and simple facts about the task. (NOMENCLATURE), Can determine step by step procedures for doing the task. (PROCEDURES)

c, Can identify why and when the task must be done and why each step is needed. (OPERATING PRINCIPLES)

d, Can predict, isolate, and resolve problems about the task. (ADVANCED THEORY)

Subject Knowledge

A, Can identify basic facts and terms about the subject. (FACTS)

B, Can identify relationship of basic facts and state general principles about the subject. (PRINCIPLES)

C, Can analyze facts and principles and draw conclusions about the subject. (ANALYSIS)

D, Can evaluate conditions and make proper decisions about the subject. (EVALUATION)