Sitting Ducks A

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Sitting Ducks A by Mind Map: Sitting Ducks A

1. Wouldn't the duck have a tiny idea that some of their friends had gone?

1.1. Yeah wouldn't they or mabey they have short term memory loss: Enya who did the question

1.2. I mean gosh one day there's 7 next there's 3

2. Food

2.1. The ducks get taken to ducktown where they eat lots and get fat so that the alligators can eat them

2.1.1. Alligators are massive so the duck HAVE to be fat for them

2.2. Ducks

2.3. Human Food

3. Hierachy

3.1. Workers

3.2. Waiters

3.3. The ducks are at the bottom because the will get eaten

4. Transport

4.1. Moterbikes

4.2. Airplanes

4.3. Flying (ducks)

4.4. Walking

4.5. Vesper

5. Health

5.1. The Ducks were over wieght/fat

5.1.1. the ducks had to do some exercise to fly south Fly or die!!

5.1.2. Obise

5.2. The All's only ate Duck

6. Trade

6.1. When the alligators got to the restaurants they will buy the ducks from the menu

6.2. When the alligtors from the factory send the ducks to ducktown they are doing trade

7. communication

7.1. QUACK!!!!

7.2. Talking

7.3. English?

8. Environment

8.1. deadly for ducks

8.2. New node

9. Business

9.1. The alligators work to get food for all the other alligators

9.2. Restaronts

9.3. Shops

10. Recreation

10.1. When the ducks were in ducktown they did exercise to lose weight so that they can fly away. Which is flying.

10.1.1. New node

10.2. Eating

10.2.1. the ate duck soup

10.2.2. The alligaters ate lots and lots

10.3. New node

11. Welfare

11.1. It was don't eat or be eaten for the ducks

12. Government

12.1. The alligators make up the government

13. Education

13.1. The duck got educated because at the start he did not know that

13.2. All's were taught that they had to eat ducks

14. Wonderings