K-5 Reading Form

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K-5 Reading Form by Mind Map: K-5 Reading Form

1. Uses

1.1. Conferences

1.2. Guided Reading

1.3. Strategy Groups

2. Purpose

2.1. Standardized student data

2.2. Ease of conferring for teachers

2.3. Ease of sharing with parents/students

3. Format

4. Reports

4.1. Spreadsheets

4.1.1. Searching (Ctrl+F), Sort etc.

4.2. AutoCrat Reports as PDFs

4.2.1. Per Conference

4.2.2. Aggregated per student over the year (TBD)

4.3. Visible by Students/Parents

5. Other forms NEEDED (long term)

5.1. Connecting this data with Assessment Data

5.2. K

5.2.1. Concept of Print

5.2.2. Letter ID

5.3. Streamling with TC Assessment Pro

5.3.1. Site Words

5.3.2. Spelling

5.3.3. Running Records

5.4. Writing

5.5. Clusters

6. Issues

6.1. Internet

6.2. Failure of Tech

6.3. Available of resources (iPads)

6.4. Differences of opinion and style


7.1. Meta info

7.1.1. type of conference

7.1.2. teacher name

7.1.3. student name (includes ability to group)

7.1.4. level

7.2. Conference Notes

7.2.1. Teaching Points (Text Box)

7.2.2. Next Steps Needs support in accuracy comprehension fluency behavior Freehand Notes (text box)

7.2.3. Work Habits (est. by grade level) stamina, etc.

7.2.4. Text Box

7.2.5. Options for Level Features Option 1 F&P Categories the Level (1 checkbox question per feature) behaviors accuracy pulled from features (the things you need to get to the next level) Behavior

7.3. Features of Level (to support teacher)

7.3.1. Teaching Prompts (Embedded Image or Link???)