History GCSE

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History GCSE by Mind Map: History GCSE

1. The Treaty of Versailles

1.1. Woodrow Wilson

1.1.1. wanted freedom of the sea's

1.1.2. 14 points no secret treaties the reduction of armaments germans to leave belgium french territory returned to france polish need access to sea assocation of nations to be created SELF DETERMINATION

1.2. George Clemenceau

1.2.1. chairmen

1.2.2. germans desturcted areas they were in causing millions of damage, exprected to pay

1.2.3. french wanted german land, saar

1.3. Lloyd George

1.3.1. wanted a balence between woodrow and clemenceau

1.3.2. blame Germans for the war

1.3.3. Didn't want to punish too harsh- KEY TRADE PARTNER **

1.3.4. Wanted Britain to stay in the league as the biggest naval leader

1.3.5. wanted german fleet sunk

1.4. The real terms of the treaty

1.4.1. War Guilt - had to accept blame for the war

1.4.2. Reparations - becuase of war guilt the allies demanded payment £6600million

1.4.3. Military No Air force No tanks No submarines navy limited 15'000 men no. of ships limited army limited to 100'000 no conscription

1.4.4. demilitarised rhineland

1.4.5. polish corridor so poles had access to sea

1.4.6. alsace lorraine to french

1.4.7. the saar was under control of league

1.4.8. french recieve coal from coal fields in saar

1.5. how hitler distroyed the t of v?

1.5.1. march 1935 - hitler started re-arming and build an air force

1.5.2. june 1935 - britain signd navel treaty saying it could 35% of britains naval force

1.5.3. march 1936 - re-occupation of rhineland

2. The League of Nations

2.1. created to

2.1.1. preserve world peace

2.1.2. Encourage trade

2.2. successes- 1920s

2.2.1. the aaland islands - sweden and finland wanted islands between them it was decided finland should have them sweden accpeted this, it only worked becuase they accpeted the outcome. Success due to countries accepting league's authority

2.2.2. economic collapse of hungary and austria - both were reaching bandruptcy and the leage gave out loans so they could begin economic recovery - the leagues action was prompt and effective

2.3. faliures-1920s

2.3.1. vilna was claimed by lithuania and poland - Poland was a key ally against Germany. France had own interests in mind rather than league's

2.3.2. corfu - survors were shot, italy wanted comensation - the league put pressure on the greeks to accept italys demands - the league backed down with the major country

2.4. weaknesses

2.4.1. usa didnt join america didnt agree with the t of v worried about the economic cost didn't want to be involved in european problems they thought american troops would have to help in every little battle against the US constitution

2.4.2. couldent react quickly as it was too big

2.4.3. didnt have an armed force

2.4.4. couldn't do anything to deal with large powers such as italy and japan

2.4.5. only worked well countries which would co-operate

2.4.6. not all countrys would co-operate with the leagues authority

2.4.7. Trade sanctions only REAL punishment- uneffective due to being able to trade with USA

2.4.8. New node

2.5. Failures of 1930s

2.5.1. Manchuria

2.5.2. Abbyssinia

2.6. New node

3. Road to War

3.1. League of Nations

3.1.1. Manchuria Showed Hitler that League would do nothing

3.2. Appeasement

3.2.1. Reasons to follow appeasement An attempt to keep peace Hitler was a reasonable politician People believed treaty was too harsh

3.2.2. Naval Treaty

3.2.3. Poland

3.2.4. Czechoslovakia Sudetenland contained many ethnic germans Hitler Claimed Ethnic Germans treated as Second Class Citizens Sudetenland was key for Czechoclovakia- Defences against Germany

3.2.5. Reasons against appeasment Would make Britain and France weak, giving into all of Hitler's demands

3.2.6. Anschluss (Union of Germany and Austria) Banned by Treaty Broken as Britain and France Did not intervene

3.3. Nazi-Soviet Pact

3.3.1. Aggreement between Hitler and Stalin

3.3.2. Poland to be divided in two- Germany and Soviet union

3.3.3. To retliate Britain signed Anglo-Polish Alliance- protecting Poland from Germany in an invasion

3.4. Ultimatum

3.5. New node