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LEADERSHIP Theories by Mind Map: LEADERSHIP    Theories
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This mindmap demonstrates the progression of ideas surrounding leadership. Following the number sequence shows that trait theories (1) were early ideas.  Then researchers saw 2 dominate BEHAVIOURS (2) that managers displayed - a focus on building relationships or a focus on get the job done.  Later, researchers noted that these 2 behaviours were most appropriate SITUATIONS (3).  More recent research identifies TRANSFORMATIONAL (4) leadership as having a huge impact.  Today, there is a wide variety of views on leadership.  It is considered one of the most important aspects of organisation success.

Trait theories

A sample of a recent view on leader traits. Traits that Impact on Leaders’ Effectiveness (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991)   •          Drive, desire for achievement, level of energy, persistence •          Leadership Motivation, desire to lead, willingness to assume responsibility, seeking power to achieve goals •          Honesty & Integrity, trustworthiness •          Self-confidence, can withstand setbacks, ability to make hard decisions and stand by them, emotionally stable •          Cognitive Ability, able to analyse situations accurately, problem solving skills •          Knowledge, gather and assimilate extensive information


still used today

helps idenitfy potential leaders

can be hard to teach

Behavioural theories

Leadership continuum

Managerial Grid

Uni of Iowa

Uni of Michigan

Ohio State Uni

focus on relationship or job

Transactional / transformational leadership

Transformational empowers followers to achieving better outcomes


indivualised consideration

intelectual stimulation

Situational theories

Contingency theory - Fiedler

Situation leadership model - Hersey-Blanchard

Path-Goal theory

Leadership behaviour depends on the situation


What is appropriate leadership today?