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Lost by Mind Map: Lost

1. Physical actions

1.1. Running around

1.2. Looking around

1.3. screaming

1.4. Start pulling hair

1.5. Teeth chattering

1.6. Punching the wall

1.6.1. In anger - Anger at can't find parents and don't know what to do. Trying to vent my frustration

1.6.2. Why did I stop and look at that toy?

1.7. crying

1.8. Stand there

1.9. searched frantically for my parents

1.10. stood rooted to the ground

1.11. Pssssdssddewf

1.12. screaming for help

1.13. gnashing my teeth to vent my anger and frustartion

1.14. stamping feet when walking to vent my anger

2. Thoughts

2.1. Where are my parents?

2.1.1. Where is Mother? Where is Father?

2.2. What if I am kidnapped?

2.3. What is going on?

2.4. hoping to find my parents

2.5. Dang!I'm lost!

2.6. Why am I so dumb to stop and look at a cheap plastic toy?

2.7. Shoot!Where are my parents?

2.8. Why didn't I follow my parents?

2.8.1. When they were walking ahead

2.8.2. feeling of regret and remorse Stopping to look at that toy wasn't worth it

2.9. What am I going to do?

2.10. How am I supposed to go home?

2.11. Why did I trip and fall. I should be more careful next time.

2.11.1. While we were walking, fell and trip.

2.12. Is there any bad people?

3. Reactions

3.1. "Unseen" actions

3.1.1. Hands getting cold and clammy

3.1.2. Butterflies in my stomach

3.1.3. Blood went dry

3.1.4. heart pounding wildly

3.1.5. blanked out

3.1.6. A chill crept up my spine

3.1.7. Fear tied a knot in my stomach

3.1.8. my face turned pale and scared out of my wits

3.1.9. My heart was beating wildly in my chest

3.1.10. my heart pounded

3.1.11. trembling with fear

3.1.12. fear trickled down my spine

3.2. "Seen" actions

3.2.1. Look around for my parents

3.2.2. Look for customer service Call parents Ask them for help Ask them to give out an announcement

4. Being Found

4.1. Thoughts

4.1.1. phew

4.1.2. OMG!I'm finally found

4.1.3. Yay!I'm found!

4.1.4. I am found!

4.1.5. It feels like it has been a century since I saw my parents!

4.1.6. What if the security guard did not find me?

4.1.7. Finally, I have found my parents!

4.1.8. Finally, my parents came back!

4.1.9. That was so close

4.1.10. Vowed to myself to always keep close and do not wonder around

4.1.11. I'm finally found!

4.2. How

4.2.1. someone saw me crying

4.2.2. Found using GPS

4.2.3. Security guard found me and brought me to the information counter

4.2.4. walked around coincidentally bumped into them trying to find them

4.2.5. Retraced where we have walked.

4.2.6. I stayed put and my parents came back to look for me.

4.2.7. People walk pass me but no one bothers

4.2.8. Called parents using my phone and they found me.

4.2.9. Wait outside the entrance Parents told me what to do when I am lost.

4.3. Feelings

4.3.1. Relieved

4.3.2. happy happy that I'm not alone

4.3.3. ecstatic

4.3.4. Satisfied

4.3.5. I smiled so widely that I showed off my row of pearly whites

4.3.6. Overjoyed

4.3.7. elated

4.4. Actions

4.4.1. Went to hug my parents.

4.4.2. I jumped with joy when I saw my parents.

5. Feelings

5.1. afraid

5.2. scared

5.3. anxious

5.4. shocked

5.5. fearful

5.6. petrified

5.7. panicked

5.8. frightened

6. trepidation rose in my stomach