Card Alerts

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Card Alerts by Mind Map: Card  Alerts

1. Transactional

1.1. Credit line nearly reached

1.2. A2.2 Purchase Alert Credit card payment above certain limit

1.3. debit card purchase alert?

1.4. ATM withdrawals above a certain amount

1.5. Payment above a certain velocity card limit (e.g.daily limit)

1.6. (De)-blocking of credit amounts for reservations (e.g.hotel, car rent)

1.7. Credit card payment Due

1.8. Insufficient amount for credit card expenses

1.9. "Yearly and ""Lost/stolen"" fee will be debited

1.10. My credit line is raised

1.11. P2P payment request

2. Security alerts - Operational

2.1. Suspicious transaction Alert

2.2. First transaction of a card

2.3. First overseas transaction alert

2.4. Outside card acceptance area (geolocation)

3. CARD status notification - Operational

3.1. (Replacement) physical card posted

3.2. Card has been forgotten/swallowed by the ATM

3.3. (Replacement) physical card available in branch

3.4. (Replacement) Virtual card "delivery/activation" notification

3.5. Expire replacement of physical card pre-notification

3.6. Expire replacement of virtual card notification

3.7. Confirmation of sales request and result

3.8. Confirmation of card replacement request

3.9. Confirmation of card blocking request

3.10. Confirmation of termination request

3.11. Sign for new credit card contract

3.11.1. V. Hautcourt: I’ve spoken to Gilles today concerning a new PACS project. When the client does an online request for a credit card, we would like that he can sign his contract online (not AS IS). This means that when the application is approved by the backoffice, they can send a notification to the client stating that his contract is ready to be signed (online).

3.12. My (new) credit card is ready to be picked up (when I'm passing by my branch/ geolocalisation)

4. PIN status notification - Operational

4.1. PIN code (reminder) statement

4.2. Request PIN code statement reminder

4.3. Deletion of PIN code statement

4.4. (Incorrect PIN notification requests)

5. High Priority