ICT in early years - Does it work?

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ICT in early years - Does it work? by Mind Map: ICT in early years - Does it work?

1. Appropriate applications and programs for early years

1.1. kids pix

1.2. starfall

1.3. social stories

1.4. digital scrapbooking

2. Benefits of ICT in the classrooms of early years children

2.1. teach online citizenship earlier

2.2. safer kids later on

2.3. learn how to use ict for educational reason

2.4. easy to make meaningful

3. changes in technology over the past few years

4. road blocks to implementation

4.1. teachers have to buy into the ICT era

4.2. students learn bad habits

4.3. expense for schools and parents

5. introduction

6. conclusion

7. New node