Potential Conflicts

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Potential Conflicts by Mind Map: Potential Conflicts

1. Road works

1.1. Causes congestion

2. Not enough priority parking spaces

3. Zebra crossing

3.1. Delays for cars

3.2. People don't wait for the cars to stop

4. Parking spaces

4.1. Over crowding tourists

4.2. Locals don't have anywhere to park to continue there daily lives

5. Parking issues

5.1. To avoid parking fees people park along the sides of roads causing visibility problems and more congestion

6. Spot stealing

6.1. People going in to a parking space that other people have waited for

7. Cars parked on the grove

7.1. Damage to parked cars (wing mirrors)

8. Road works resulting from...

8.1. Winter

8.2. Pot holes from grit

8.3. Higher occurence

8.4. Expensive and annoying

9. Conflict between young and elderly

9.1. Rush Vs Ability

10. People parking in priority spots

10.1. New node

11. Speed bumps

11.1. Damage to cars

11.2. Annoying

11.3. BUT!!! It's affective and does slow cars down