UXMatters February-May 2009

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UXMatters February-May 2009 by Mind Map: UXMatters February-May 2009

1. Tools and Tips

1.1. All About Card Sorting

1.2. Writing

1.2.1. Toward Content Quality

1.2.2. Writing Usability Requirements and Metrics

1.3. Using Web Software for Collaborative Work on Virtual UX Teams

2. Research

2.1. Differentiating Your Design: A Visual Approach to Competitive Reviews

2.2. Patterns in UX Research

2.3. User Research for Personas and Other Audience Models

2.4. Analysis plus Synthesis: Turning Data Into Insights

3. Design

3.1. Search Tools

3.1.1. Making $10,000 a Pixel: Optimizing Thumbnail Images in Search Results

3.1.2. Searching Help: Don't Even Go There

3.1.3. Choosing the Right Search Results Page Layout

3.1.4. Starting From Zero: Winning Strategies for No Search Results Pages

3.2. Stage Directions Meet Functional Specifications

3.3. Follow the Recipe

4. Career/ Business Development

4.1. Using Prior Work in Your Portfolio

4.2. Unsolicited RFPs: Just Say No!

4.3. Management

4.3.1. Successful Project Management

4.3.2. Specialists vs. Generalists

4.3.3. Evangelizing UX Across and Entire Organization

4.3.4. Thriving in a Difficult Economy

5. The Future

5.1. Everyware

5.1.1. Designing Post-Humanity: Everyware in the Far Future

5.1.2. A Near-term Vision for Everyware

5.2. Book Review: Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental Knowing

6. User Experience

6.1. Refactoring the User Experience

6.2. User Assistance

6.2.1. Architecting User Assistance Topics for Reuse: Case Examples in DITA

6.2.2. Progressive User Adoption

6.3. User Experince of Enterprise Software Matters

6.4. User Interfaces

6.4.1. Reviewing User Interfaces

6.4.2. Including Recommendations in User Interfaces to Enhance Motivation

6.5. Universal Usability

6.5.1. Usable Accessibility: Making Web Sites Work Well for People with Disabilities