Citizen Journalism

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Citizen Journalism by Mind Map: Citizen Journalism

1. Jeff Background

1.1. self imposed exile for mainstream media

1.2. 15 yrs at washington post

1.3. sees new journalism being born online. wanted to be involved

1.4. interested in what we're doing and waht to achieve.

2. Wendy background

2.1. blogger since 2003. dkos. unbossed

2.2. now blogs v. little. mostly original, investigative reporting

3. Robin Background

3.1. from minnesota

3.2. corp and mktg bkgd

3.3. minnesota is leading in publications going online-only

4. Issues

4.1. too much bad talk on TV.

4.1.1. bcast journalism is so sensory

4.1.2. supplement with video and audiio we're basically writers but... can do lots more with our tools now

4.1.3. you should create counter-narrative

4.1.4. raw information can be shared e.g. searchable campaign finance database let readers get into it.

4.2. define citizen journalist

4.2.1. active reporting

4.2.2. reflective response

4.3. credentials - being taken seriously

4.3.1. write with person who disagrees with you in mind. thinkg of them as your target watch tone treat people fairly send link to person you wrote about v important if trying to build big audience

4.3.2. make up your own laminate check your state rules no one wants to be the guy who turns away the press

4.4. helpful tools & tips


4.4.2. poytner

4.4.3. Serialize your story - break it up establishes your ownership of topic helps google ranking and traffic

4.4.4. followup. subject: "News Update"

4.5. are community blogs not set up to be good journalism outlets?

4.5.1. some folks just want to be heard

4.5.2. too many disparate voices

4.5.3. may be good for traffic but not as much legitimacy

4.5.4. solve this partly in design. keep community in column separate

4.6. you will be judged by the worst post on your site

4.7. maintain really high quality

4.7.1. grammar

4.7.2. proofread

5. Cases

5.1. Donnel Johnson - Witchita

5.1.1. deaf man tasered by police when reaching for hearing aid

5.2. Offer Continuing coverage

5.2.1. Bridge Collapse started live blog gathering coverage 10 stories over next week bridge of the week series what's happened with DOT?

5.2.2. Living Word Christian Center - MN she got endorsement from pulpit what made story was our continuing coverage