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Blogging the Blogosphere Divide by Mind Map: Blogging the Blogosphere Divide
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Blogging the Blogosphere Divide

Remember the Digital Divide

poor people not connected

lots of notice on the topic

community technology centers

even bush tried to tackle

still not solved

Blogger Divide

not poor vs. rich

latino, gay, black, left/progressive

kickoff with convo about francis holland and blackosphere vs. whitosphere

Is there a problem?

not about francis

field negro: this is a real issue

blogging about violence in phillhy

blacks leaving party over presidential outcome

yes, people are sensitized and desensitized to certain issues

dem party is unable to condemn with one voice behavior of one presidential candidate

dems risk alienating huge part of electorate.

this is worst racist politicking since democratic party was the party of racism

links are currency.

lack of diversity of links in blogroll

use more in stories?

ideally there's no need for afrosphere

created out of necessity

reflects larger political context

not just race baiting in 2008 election: IMMIGRATION!!

PHB: not just racial divide

other slices, region, gender, sexual orientation, class

idea of happy agreeing left is a lie

need dialog even among disagreement

burden is on both to look for opportunities to cooperate

black bloggers reaching out to MSB on "our issues" and framing them in larger language

MSB pulling in others and explaining relevance of FISA for example

must listen and not get smacked down

divide between A list and others.