Personal Finance Management

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Personal Finance Management by Mind Map: Personal Finance Management

1. Unusual Account Activity

1.1. With account monitoring, you'll know if there's any unusual spending. If you normally spend $50 per week on gas, an excessive charge made on a fuel credit card triggers an Unusual Account Activity Alert.

2. shopping experience/Deals

2.1. Offer a coupon for a ceratin merchant where the client regulary buys (Orange deals) or to help him reach his goal or target -new deals -expiring deals -cash back status

3. help me save for.....

3.1. PFM6. You reached x% of your saving goal "bike" x eur remaining >>time to make your monthly saving

3.2. PFM7. In case of standing order transfer has been made to saving goal x x eur remaining....

3.3. PFM8. Congratulations! You reached your saving goal "Holiday"

4. Budget for a category

4.1. Budget contains a (monthly target) target

4.2. Overbudget alert when using credit or debit card (Purchase alert)

4.2.1. Track your debit* and credit card spending to stay within your budget With an Overbudget Alert, you'll know when a purchase goes over what you'd budgeted. That lets you make budget adjustments to bring things back in line.

4.3. congratulations when you didn't exceed the monthly budget

4.4. "Warning when your close to the budget target"

4.5. purchase alerts (re) categorize your purchase

5. Hello wallet:personalized daily alerts that act as tips/advice on how to manage money

6. shopping experience/help with buying decision/spending decision

6.1. PFM4. get alert with predictive balance when a customer taps his card against his watch

7. help me to optimise my cash flow and budget

7.1. PFM5. you have a lot of cash on your current account >>would be a good idea to start saving

7.1.1. action : define saving goal

7.1.2. move from current to saving account (see also high balance alert)

8. Can I pay my bills on time?

8.1. Warning when the predictive balance will go below zero

8.1.1. action: make an appointment to analyse why you run short at the end of the month

8.1.2. = overdraft alert

8.2. during flow of making monthly payments : watch out you will

8.3. Late Fees alert (if bills aren't paid by certain date)

8.3.1. Credit cards, utility payments and even cellphone bills can tack on late fees if bills aren't paid by a certain date. With a Late Fee Alert, a reminder is sent when your budget doesn't reflect a payment on time.

8.4. Budget Reminder – Money Going out or coming in (set for 1-5 days before)

8.4.1. sum of "known" debits on account take also "known" deposits into account? such as salary?

9. manage and track my spending

9.1. budget management

9.1.1. how much did you already spent since xx date

9.1.2. track spending of friends, of kids

9.1.3. suggest to create holiday budget

9.2. have spent more than xx% of your transport budget goal. You spent xx $

9.3. You almost reached your budget for xxxx

9.4. PFM3. large purchase amount (see also cards and payment alerts

10. Help me to optimze the use of my banking services and tools

10.1. Alert for some functionalities which you don't use a lot

10.2. app hasn't been used for a long time

10.3. a lion savings account has been inactive for some months