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PTi Branding Site by Mind Map: PTi Branding Site
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PTi Branding Site


New area: Secured area for clients only.  1.  Knowledgebase 2.  Instruction files

Searchable Knowledgebase

Forums / Message Board

Create a Support Case

Here is where our users will be able to enter a support ticket.  The site will send it to us via email.


Have a more limited approach to our portfolio than we've had previously.  This will use the "Lightbox" tool for displaying the images

Web Site Design

Generic Design (Books, etc.)



Describe what kinds of services we offer: 1.  Branding Sessions 2.  Consultation 3.  Graphic Design 


Graphic Design

Print Services

Marketing Programs


Home Page -- 1.  Brief Summary of Who We Are and What We Offer.  2.  Simple navigation to all parts of the site. 3.  Easy Sign-up for our E-mail newsletter 


Here's where we post information about our client news / projects launched, etc.

Just "Launched"

Just "Signed"


Simple contact-us page


This page would be hidden from the traditional menu structure.  We will use this area to post all design concepts, etc. and have a unique page for each customer.  We'd give them individual access to their page(s).  They could use this to post comments, design notes, etc. / HST


Link to the PTi Branding Demo sites.  We might need / want to re-work these a little bit to fit our new "Brand."  This would be accessible  after they provided basic contact information.

Business Demo

"World" Theme

"Sower" Theme


Area for posting interesting articles, etc. related to industry news, research topics, podcasts, etc.

Monthly Update

Industry Trends

Pat on the Back for Kevin

Give Kevin a pat on the back for such an excellent site map! Good work! I love the secure pages for the customers and the interactive portions (blog and news)! I'm excited!


Wiki - Staff contributions

This will be a place we can use for on-going brain-storming for our own site, and for our projects in process

File Upload

Log-On Page