World Religion

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World Religion by Mind Map: World Religion

1. Hinduism

1.1. Only priests can perform puja, or the way to respect Brahmin in temples.

1.2. An avatar is when the spirit of Vishnu is in human form.

1.3. Ghandi was a leader who helped India break away from Great Britian (had a big impact on India.

1.4. Divani is a festival of lights where people get up early and wear new clothes and they light many candles and lanterns and lights at night.

1.5. They believe that the Ganges can wash away their sin and they would be like to have their ashes scattered in the Ganges river then to be buried.

2. Buddhism

2.1. The Buddha/Enlightend One

2.2. Siddharta Guatama had a father who kept him in the house because he thought that the things outside the castle might make his son unhappy. One day Siddharta Guatama wanted to leave the castle so that he could see what was outside of the castle and he saw that life was full of unhappiness and suffering he gave up all his worldly possesions and lived a poor life before deciding to take the middle path, not rich, not poor.

2.3. He meditated under a tree for his answer before deciding that desire was the reason for suffering.

2.4. It is said that he taught others of his teachings for the next 45 years.

2.5. Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism are two types of Buddhism.

2.6. Noble Truths 1. Suffering is Part of Life 2. (How to stop Suffering) Suffering comes from desire. 3. There is an end to suffering. 4.Follow the Noble Eightfold path.

2.7. Right livelyhood is part of the eightfold path and means to choose things that don't hurt anyone else.

2.8. Theravada Buddhists try to stay close to the original Buddhism.

2.9. Mahayana Buddhist believe that people need help in life.

2.10. Both believe in compassion and reincarnation

2.11. Kharma is everything we think say and do. Dharma is duty.

2.12. Both believe in compassion and reincarnation

3. Judaism

3.1. First Major Monothiestic Religion

3.2. Abraham took them to the promised land (Canaan) where they got the ten commandments from Moses

3.3. Moral Code Of conduct - ten commandments

3.4. Muslims tolerated Jews and they worked very well side by side and created Medical, Philosophy and many other things.

3.5. Pogram is a series of attacks by Russia.

3.6. Nazis tried to kill all Jews in the world

3.7. 6 million Jews (2/3 of all Jews) were killed during the Hollicost.

3.8. The Torah is the story of the Jews and is in Hebrew so it is very important to learn Hebrew if you are Jewish.

3.9. They worship in a Synagogue, Temple or Shul where they can pray, have gatherings or learn Hebrew.

3.10. A Rabbi (Teacher) teaches about god and wears a Tallit with one twisted, knotted tasssel that represents the ten commandments.

3.11. There are three forms of Judaism (Orthodox), (Reform), (Conservative)

3.12. Orthox - Follow religion very strictly

3.13. Reform - Follow based on the Original text

3.14. Conservative - believe in all teachings and traditions

3.15. When eating before meat is cooked they must remove all blood and they do not eat shellfish or pork.

3.16. Bar Mitzvah marks boy coming of (Adult) age.

3.17. Bat Mitzvah marks girl coming of (Adult) age.

3.18. There is an after party with family and friends after the two above

3.19. There are many sacred holidays in the fall

3.20. Rosh Hahanana is the celebration of the new year.

3.21. Yom Kippor is the day of attonment where they make up for all the bad things they have done in the past years.

3.22. Hanukah celebrates on how they won their freedom.

3.23. Passover marks freedom from being slaves in Egypt.

3.24. Food represents their struggle

4. Islam

4.1. Muhammed had a vision that Gabrielle came and spoke to him

4.2. Muhammed and his followers were kicked out of Mecca and they went to Medina where they were leaders. They later left and went back to Mecca where they continued to live and were greatly respected.

4.3. They invented Astronomy, Medicine and Algebra

4.4. Second Piller is Salah which means prayer. They make 5 prayers every day. (Morning, Mid-Morning, Afternoon, Mid-Afternoon, Night)

4.5. They learn about how their equal.

4.6. Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca where they learn about how their equal.

4.7. A lot of people try to touch or kiss the black stone of the Ka'ban.

4.8. They wear the same thing so that they all know and remember that they're all equal.

4.9. On Friday they have Mass. (Like church)

4.10. (Wudu) They take off their shoes and wash before going into the church.

4.11. Boys and Men pray in one section.

4.12. Girls and Woman pray in another section.

4.13. No reservations, first come, first serve

4.14. bow down when pray nose to the floor.

4.15. Qur'an is the holy book of Islam

4.16. The words in Qur'an are the words god spoke.

4.17. The Qur'an tells them what to do.

4.18. No pork or Achohol

4.19. The Hadith-stories about Muhammed

4.20. Shari'ah-Guidlines for daily life

4.21. This life is a test-Judged-reward is paradise-or-eternal punishment

4.22. Sunnisan and Shuni(10%)

4.23. Aqiqah-announce baby name

5. Christianity

5.1. Jesus Believed in only one god - Monotheism.

5.2. Jesus had many disciples

5.3. Jesus was nailed to the cross and died on the cross.

5.4. Jesus's tomb was empty in the morning.

5.5. Christianity split into two churches - Catholic and Eastern Orthodox.

5.6. Christianity is the largest religion in the world and is contained in all countries.

5.7. Trinity is the belief that god is 3 persons - the father, the son and the holy spirit.

5.8. sin is when we turn our backs on god and disappoint him

5.9. god and jesus teach to repent from doing bad things

5.10. the bible is the holy book of christianity

5.11. Gospels mean 'good news' and are the first 5 books of the old testament in the bible.

5.12. Churches usually contain a sanctuary and an alter which represents the last supper

5.13. jesus had dinner with his disciples before he died on the cross which is known as the last supper.

5.14. wine represents jesus's blood and bread represents jesus's body

5.15. Most Christians are baptized with water

5.16. Angels announced the birth of Jesus and pronounced peace

5.17. Holy thursday is the thursday before easter and is the last supper

5.18. good friday is the day jesus was crussified(before easter)

5.19. easter is the coming back from the dead of jesus.