World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Judiasm

1.1. There are 14 million Jews and 5 million live in the U.S

1.2. Moses was the chosen leader to get the Jews out of slavery in Egypt

1.3. The Holocaust was the greatest suffering of Jewish people, a dictator named Hitler had a deep hatred for Jews so he sent them to concentration camps and killed them. After the Holocaust for every 3 Jews 2 were killed.

1.4. The place were Jews gather, pray and learn hebrew is called a temple, shul or synagogue.

1.5. Jewish people follow The Ten Commandments, which was their moral code of conduct.

1.6. Some commandments of the Jews are only 1 god, you should not use gods name in vain, your mother and father and you should not kill

1.7. Jewa who follow judiasm are monothesim which means they only follow one god.

1.8. the forefather of Jews was Abraham, who grew up in Mesopotamia

1.9. the ten commandments are believed to have come straight from god

1.10. Torah- story of what gods want for the Jews

2. Buddhism

2.1. 36,000,000,000 buddhists in all which is about 6% of the worlds population

2.2. Prince Siddhartha left his family to find the meaning of life by meditation under a tree

2.3. there were four noble truth that you had to follow suffering is part of life, suffering comes from desire, the way to stop suffering is to stop wanting unwordly things and follow the eightfold path

2.4. buddhists believed in nirvana and reincarnation

2.5. Dalai Lama means teacher whos wisdom is as great as the ocean

2.6. the Sudras were the anicent writings of Buddhists

2.7. there are shrines in Buddhists homes for prayer

2.8. the lotus flower symbols enlightment

2.9. Buddha means enlightened ones and Buddha was the teacher of buddhism

2.10. by following the eightfold path an individual can reach nirvana and escape endless reincarnations

3. Hindusim

3.1. about 900 million people around the world practice Hinduism and about 80% people in India practice Hinduism

3.2. Hindus are polytheistic meaning they believe in more than one god.

3.3. sanskrit was the writing system and the Vedas were the ancient holy book

3.4. the Ganges river is said to wash away sins

3.5. each god represents something different

3.6. temples are sacred

3.7. Hindu's sy aum before praying

3.8. once every year there is a day where sibilings honor eachother

3.9. Hinduism is not an organized religion

3.10. Hindus believe in reincarnation, being reborn again

4. Christainity

4.1. Christanity is the worlds largest religion with @ billion followers

4.2. Jesus was known as a healer of the sick and is told to be born 2000 years ago.

4.3. Jesus was raised as a Jew

4.4. Jesus beliefs angered many but, he gained followers, the romans also arrested Jesus and killed him

4.5. Jesus tome was empty when people when to mourn him

4.6. For years Christians were not liked and were prosecuted.

4.7. the religious leader of a catholic church is called a priest

4.8. trinity is the belief that god contains 3 persons the father, the sun, and the holy spirt

4.9. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is gods son also believe that god is the ruler of the universe

4.10. the bible is a collection of sacred writings

5. Islam

5.1. the Islamic religion was founded by Mohammed, a religious, political and military leader who was born in 570.

5.2. a follower of Islam is called a muslim

5.3. Mohammed teachers are called are found in a Koran which is Muslim's holiest book

5.4. the five pillars of faith are the basic religious duties that each follower must fulfill in his or her lifetime

5.5. Islams believe they must surrender againist Allah, their god

5.6. Mohammed said he wasn't holy and that he was just a messenger so nobody painted pictures of him after his death

5.7. Islams say praires 5 times a day for Salah the second pillar

5.8. every muslim must make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in their lifetime which is the 5th pillar

5.9. on friday muslims gather to have a mass together midday and praire

5.10. Imam lead praires

5.11. belief in helping the poor