Engineering Personal Growth

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Engineering Personal Growth by Mind Map: Engineering Personal Growth

1. what leads to personal growth?

2. what is personal growth?

2.1. coming closer to living the great life one desires

2.1.1. following one's passion and excitement

2.2. becoming and expressing more of your true, unique, natural self

2.2.1. finding and refining one's unique message

2.2.2. finding and improving one's unique skills and talents

2.3. understanding better who you are (your truth) and where you are going (your desires)

2.3.1. finding and refining desires

2.4. improving ability to manifest / express your true self

2.5. becoming a better creator

2.5.1. intention-manifestation abilities

2.5.2. downloading ideas from higher realms

2.5.3. taking inspired action

2.6. going from fear to love

2.6.1. dropping fears

2.7. going from pain to joy

2.7.1. letting go of old pain

2.7.2. following one's joy

2.8. going from conflict to peace

2.8.1. accepting things as they are

2.9. increasing awareness

2.10. going from limitation to freedom

2.10.1. expanding comfort zone

2.10.2. releasing negative emotions