Integrated Curriculum: The Ocean

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Integrated Curriculum: The Ocean by Mind Map: Integrated Curriculum: The Ocean

1. Writing

1.1. Journal Activity: What do I see?

1.2. Write a story about an octupus

2. PE/ Movement

2.1. Create a Dance to go with Songs

2.1.1. Baby Beluga

2.1.2. Octopus Song

3. Art

3.1. Create Ocean Picture Using sand from playground, stickers for marine life and paint for water

3.2. Sequencing: Create Octopus using paper cut out and various colors and lengths of yarn for tentacles.(Make the children follow a pattern)

4. Sensory

4.1. Table: Include sand, shells, shovels

4.2. Table:Include water

5. Reading/ Language

5.1. Adjective Fun: Use flashcards of marine life to help children come up with a list of adjectives

5.2. Books we will read

5.2.1. Baby Beluga

5.2.2. I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

5.2.3. Three little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark

6. Science

6.1. Going Under!: Create sub marines that will be our home for our expedition. Students will have a new picture each day to journal about and learn from.

6.2. Process to take care of a fish: Students will learn about the parts of a fish by taking care of a class pet fish.Each day the teacher will focus on one part of the fish

7. Social Studies

7.1. Color map of the world and label Oceans

7.2. Research what an Ocean is

7.3. Look up endangered species in the ocean

8. Math

8.1. Measuring: Pick animals in the ocean and color life size or sample size of them. Have children measure the lengths and compare

8.2. Research and talk about the speed of different marine life. Compare and Contrast to cars and known land animals.