Exploring Me (and my environment, too!)

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Exploring Me (and my environment, too!) by Mind Map: Exploring Me (and my environment, too!)

1. Science

1.1. Nature Walk

1.2. Leaf Rubs into All About Me books

1.3. Observe and document growth of our plants outside

1.4. Bubbles

1.5. Learning about caterpillars, bugs, butterflies

2. Language & Literacy

2.1. Alphabet

2.2. Chrysanthemum, By: Kevin Henkes

2.3. Hungry Caterpillar, By: Eric Carle with props

2.3.1. Days of the Week Trace

2.4. Planting a Rainbow, By: Lois Ehlert

2.5. Food Groups Vocabulary

2.6. Work on Colors/Shapes as needed

3. Social Studies

3.1. All About Me Book

3.2. Days of the Week

3.3. Months of the Year

3.4. Follow the Leader on the Playground

3.5. Simon Says

3.6. Rules Overview

4. Fine Arts

4.1. Coffee Filter Butterflies

4.2. Sidewalk Chalk Art/Trace Children

4.3. Play-Doh

4.4. All About Me Book

4.5. Caterpillar Paper Plates

4.6. Free Paint

4.7. Hand Print Flower

5. Math

5.1. Puzzles

5.2. Fruit Manipulatives Sort/Count

5.3. Unifix Cubes Patterns

5.4. Counting and writing numbers on whiteboards

6. Physical Development, Health, & Safety

6.1. Duck Duck Goose

6.2. Food Pyramid Overview

6.3. Record favorite foods into All About Me book

6.4. Overview of Classroom Rules