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Setting Up My Company Ecommerce by Mind Map: Setting Up My Company Ecommerce
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Setting Up My Company Ecommerce

video distribution

use high traffic key phrases in headline and description

custom background creation

tweet research

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

write industry related articles

Penelitian Kata Kunci

industry high traffic, low competition keyword


Other Social Channel Analytic tools


bigMETHOD analytics

current user base marketing

set up email marketing

integrate email sign up box on your website homepage

create an incentive for people to give their email

show your shoppers products that they are highly likely to purchase

pesaing penelitian

what are the core differentiators of your store vs your competitors?

what features do they offer?

eCommerce site development

Create a Shopify ecommerce store

Place your Facebook "like" button on your website

Hire a web company to do it for you

Create a strategy

create internal company blog

Use a mind map


social media marketing

Website Design

Model Bisnis

Perancanaan E-cmmerce

create partnerships