To Kill a Mockingbird Historical Context

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To Kill a Mockingbird Historical Context by Mind Map: To Kill a Mockingbird Historical Context

1. Scottsboro Case

2. Segregation of blacks and whites

3. Based story on own experiences of racism in Alabama

4. Harper Lee

4.1. Born in 1926

4.2. To Kill a Mockingbird won the Pulitzer Prize

4.3. Father was a lawyer and inspiration for Atticus Finch

4.4. Her father defended two black people from murder charges

4.4.1. Similar to the Scottsboro Boys case

5. Race

5.1. Influences on the novel

6. Rosa Parks

7. Jim Crow laws

8. Emmet Till Murder Case

9. School system

10. Little Rock

10.1. Little rock nine were a group of nine African-American students who defied the racial segregation of Little Rock Central High School in 1957. The president at the time, Eisenhower, intervened after the governor of Arkansas removed the girls from the school.

10.2. This incident resulted in further awareness given to racial segregation, particularly in schools, to the public. The nine students were each given a Congressional Gold Medal from president Clinton. This is the highest civilian award bestowed by congress.