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ON future structures by Mind Map: ON future structures
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ON future structures

NO computer

NO facebook


Paul Baranoswki: CTO, Sourcefabric -

CEO sourcefabric

produces CAMPCASTER, internet as distribution medium first, 360 radio stations - in indonesia, radio broadcast over the frontlines in boznian war ...

totronto based

openess?, opensource software helps ..., ... an open society

New node

Ken Freedman: Station Manager, WFMU-FM -

program manager wfmu



licence for NY City

based on own software

elaborated system

MYSQL backend

archive CC licenced

iphone android apps

listners allover

10% outside us

online listeners increasing

"try to be a local station"

meta information expected by listeners

photostream "watching the playlist"

radio becomes a bouquet of streams radio / text / photo

recent archives gets attention

Dominik Imseng: Journalist & Open Broadcast user -

print journalist

"old school"


attracted by notion of openness

question of possibility of openness?, a project "fails" forward ..., form function question, openbroadcast is increasingly involving ... more and more the comunity, openbroadcast gets open to non techys

Matt Spendlove: Director, Cenatus -

organizing a festival

huge educational focus

creative commons oriented

want to have a physical plattform

working with netlabels



sustainability of netlabels

need of culture filter mechanism

archiv question

Sava Tatic: Director of Clients and Services, Sourcefabric -

Chris Weaver: Production Manager, Resonance FM, London-

community station based in london

standard in UK far beyond US /EU standards

get a licence by administrative error

microbroadcasting as starter

radioshows is alot of work!

24h / 7d

licence since 2002

webstreaming from beginning

community stations is often social work

enriches people in artistic sence

kind of band aid

117 stations where licenced now

there are charters for legal reasons

language is changing

antagonism between people working in station and volounteers

input of universities

Thomas Gilgen

former club creator

creating a community, user generated, authors, editors, users selecting a timeslot, broadcasted DAB+ swisswide, transforming a network to a community ... is difficult., howto activate a community

got alot of DJ demos

New node

openbroadcast developed its own community software (based on elgg)

Campcaster is used as playout

5000 - 30 000 listeners (Basel / Zurich)

Community by inveitation

quality is based on peer to peer relations

addressed producers?, emaillist from club where merged, community is producing music, it attracts more journalists then DJs


Schultz - FouPitnder, Herbstradio, Berlin -

comunity radio

community as part of production team

how to make decisions?

Phase II

WEB 2.0




New node


CC licence

... produces a certain community

... jambands

freemusic archive, curated, New node

... live recordings

... DJ sets doesnt fit into

being involved


people love to live in the same location

it should be live

radio is connecting people in ONE moment


dedicated audience

give them small jobs within a chat

paticipation is possible without beeing a DJ

is a decision of the station - FOCUS



wisdom of the crowd

editorial model

"sense of taste"

curatorial model

keeping as high as pssible

commercial quality, randomized playlists, statistical model, utilizing

you tune in because of trust in expertise

common sense

domografic considerations

ethnic identity

best fit ... aproach

antidot against self reference

New node

peer to peer trust

embedded in society

human edited SETS

limited resources, different audiences, branching of channels, leads to coallition based, cohesion is causing less listeners, prgramm scheme, berlin limitations

18 DAB+ channels with switzerland, 8 millionen people, DAB is just a new distribution for FM

the POOL of sources should be bigger what you can send

rating systems, just a hint "maybe", is domocratic, voting credibility vs popularity, quantity vs. quality

is not democracy based

beeing pragmatic

putting talent in the right place

you need control structures

New node

novalty vs. sustainability, new experiments needs guidance, frontstore - having low level contact, free air vs industry DAB


... in small works

... needs expertise

collborative, discurse culture, based on a own language, you need to be addressable, is based on interrelations

communities, different cultures backgrounds, how to combine difference in one station, agregators of content

editor, is selected by expertise, people "who shines through"

web2.0, is bottom up, oposite of classical radio model, sucsessful online communities have rules, rules captures audience





multimode playlist Audio / Pictures / texts

no noise

typepad / tumblr

media agnostic playlist


staging / aproval functionality

remote access

defined workflows

template based preproduction

comunity development

improving backlinking

playlist tool like a blog

comment function

permanence of content, mixtape

comunity tools, comments, aggregation, remapping content into other presentations

location based announcement


better usability - going mobil

real time comment function

mobile listening

bulding LESS

being arrogant, we broadcast what we like, what is radio?, a radio station is an radio we are producing, rating systems doesn't provide a qualified insight., New node

dont qualify by quantity of listeners

listeners interacting with the programm

make the comments disappear

donation model has influennce on programm

40 000 people in one shot into radio producers ...

critical "mess"

staging problem of social media


facebook --> platform

platform -> SOCIAL MEDIA

artists features

promotional functionality

production functionality

free choice of licences

a player like soundcloud

the best player ever!

dropbox like

playlist features

New node