7 Days To Race Outline

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7 Days To Race Outline by Mind Map: 7 Days To Race Outline

1. One final once over

2. Save extra time for every step

3. Race Day

3.1. @ Lodging

3.1.1. Early Breakfast

3.1.2. Mental Rehearsal

3.1.3. Real Breakfast (+ Coffee?)

3.1.4. Light Stretch

3.1.5. Final Checklist Review

3.1.6. Depart for Transition to arrive by 5:30 latest

3.2. @ Transition

3.2.1. @ Numbering Have arms / legs accessible for numbers Let air dry

3.2.2. @ Bike Put Food/hydration on Bike Activate/Locate Garmin or GPS Zero PM / Reset Torque Check Tire Inflation Put bike in proper gear

3.2.3. @ Transition Bags Add nutrition to run bag

3.3. @ Special Needs

3.3.1. Drop bags (can be outsourced to family)

3.4. @ Suit Up

3.4.1. Find family or friends at pre- determined location away from the fray if possible

3.4.2. Put sunscreen, body glide, etc., on now.

3.4.3. Wetsuit goes on, goggles and cap in your hand Throw away flip flops or socks for cold ground

3.4.4. Clothes go in dry clothes bag Make sure you have some warm clothes in here

3.4.5. Final Gel + Water with 20-ish minutes to go.

3.4.6. Say goodbyes / good lucks, drop dry clothes on way to swim.

3.5. @ Swim Start

3.5.1. Cross Mat Warm up in water if possible, migrate to pre-determined spot for start

4. 1-Day To Go

4.1. @ Wake Up Time

4.1.1. Roll over, no goals.

4.1.2. Review goals of day

4.1.3. Mental Race Review

4.2. @ Lunchtime

4.2.1. Have a large lunch. Order dinner to go.

4.3. @ Check In

4.3.1. Down Time, see a movie

4.4. @ Dinnertime

4.4.1. Lay out clothes, food, and bags for morning

4.4.2. Have dinner early.

4.5. @ Bedtime

4.5.1. In bed by 9pm with water Stare at ceiling

4.5.2. Sleep with Timing Chip on.

4.6. Recon Swim Start, pick your spot (or @ 2 days to go)

4.7. Hydrate with sports drink through out the day.

4.8. Prepare nutrition bottles - freeze or refrigerate as necessary

5. 2-Days To Go

5.1. Recon Ride of Run Course

5.2. Final fun/family

5.3. Expo today

5.4. Start thinking Hydration

5.5. Lay-out and pack transition and special needs bags

5.5.1. Put stuff on bags, check your checklist, have someone else check the items, fill bags and relax, it's all in there

5.6. Tonight's sleep is critical; calm evening, ear plugs?

5.7. Short practice swim, check sighting (or 1 day out?

6. 3-Days To Go

6.1. Recon Ride of Bike Course

6.1.1. Or, recon DRIVE of bike course with strategic riding of certain sections

6.2. Big Food Shop

7. 4-Days To Go

7.1. Typical Travel Day

7.1.1. Check bags at curb if no bike.

7.1.2. Pack healthy snacks.

7.1.3. Fill water bottles after security.

8. 5-Days To Go

8.1. Travel

8.1.1. Confirm Reservations

8.1.2. Print Tickets, if necessary

8.1.3. Print Maps, if necessary

9. 6-Days To Go

9.1. Pack

9.2. Review/Listen to 4-Keys

10. 7-Days To Go

10.1. Final shopping day for travel needs, race gear, etc.