Can adults pass a middle school standardized test?

Mika H
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Can adults pass a middle school standardized test? by Mind Map: Can adults pass a middle school standardized test?

1. Adults that scored well (80%+)

2. Adults that scored poorly (Under 80%)

3. Where are the test questions coming from?


3.1.1. Reading


3.2.1. Science


3.3.1. Social Studies


3.4.1. Math

4. Participants and their colleges

4.1. Sandra and Mark Hamady: Western University

4.2. Lorri Goldman: Michigan State University

4.3. Mr.Mixon: Denison University

4.4. Ms.Share: University of Michigan

4.5. Ms.Weage: Michigan State University

4.6. Mr.Emmi: Michigan State University

4.7. Mr.Brown: Michigan State University

4.8. Mrs.Cruz

4.9. Mrs.Toth: Michigan State University

4.10. Mr.Braisted

4.11. Mr.McCloud

4.12. Mr.Leibson

4.13. Lee Goldman: Stanford University

5. Hypothesis:

5.1. We think the majority of people taking the test will perform poorly, scoring under 80%.

6. How is the end result determined?

6.1. We are going to total up everyones final score (percentages) and divide by the number of participants. If the percent is under 50, then we know that the standardized tests aren't a measure of knowledge, they are just memorization.