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1. My original thoughts

1.1. My first thoughts..

2. References list:

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3. My thoughts now

3.1. What I think now

3.1.1. So what is technology? Is technology the things we own? Some (like myself) would say it’s electronics and electrical items only. As said by Li-Hua, 2007, "Technology represents the combination of human understanding of natural laws and phenomena accumulated since ancient times to make things that fulfil our needs and desires or that perform certain functions", (Karatsu, 1990). But what about the other aspects of technology? I really agree with Ryder's perspectives of technology described in categories. So Based on Ryder, 2009 ideas I'll list just a few... Technology as Methodology Technology as Social usage Technology as manufacturing Technology as Hardware

3.1.2. Conclusion: Technology can be defined as anything that can be improved upon whether it has electrical components or not. A simple item like a chair, something that's been around for centuries, is always being improved. To define technology you can put it into 4 categories or stages. Technology is very much an art and requires lots of creativity, planning and of course manufacturing.