Copyright and Creative Commons Licenses

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Copyright and Creative Commons Licenses by Mind Map: Copyright and Creative Commons Licenses

1. Finding CC licensed material

1.1. Media websites

1.1.1. Images

1.1.2. Sound effects

1.1.3. Music Look at the "advanced search" feature under the magnifying glass

1.1.4. Video

1.1.5. Ever growing list of media directories

1.2. Textbooks and Open Educational Resources

1.2.1. Textbooks

1.2.2. Videos MITvideo TED talks Khan Academy

1.2.3. Courses Carnegie Mellon MIT Open Courseware UC Irvine Open Courseware

1.2.4. OER case studies

1.3. Searching

1.3.1. Google Image Search

1.3.2. YouTube Video Search

1.4. Use your judgement

1.4.1. The person who applied the license doesn't necessarily understand what it means

2. Rethinking your work

2.1. Copyright law has 2 sides

2.1.1. Laws for media users

2.1.2. Laws for media creators

2.2. Your remixes need to be licensed

2.2.1. Choose a License

3. Copyright law in the age of the Internet

3.1. We inherit laws created for previous media

3.2. Complex set of laws

3.2.1. The rule of thumb is to assume all media is copyrighted to someone. Therefore, its use is restricted.

3.3. Internet

3.3.1. Access to (digital) media in massive proportions

3.3.2. Images, audio, video, 3D, etc.

3.3.3. Open textbooks, open courses, and other open educational resources

3.4. Computers

3.4.1. Computers make the editing of digital media accessible to anyone

3.5. Copyright Law and Fair Use

3.5.1. Basics of Copyright Law Rights Reproduce copies Prepare derivative works Distribute copies of the work for commercial purposes Display the work publicly Perform the work The (C) sign is not necessary Copyright exists when any work gets "fixed"

3.5.2. Basics of Fair Use Work without Copyright The work lacks originality Work is in the public domain US government work Facts Ideas Education Students, faculty and staff Be conservative Don't make unnecessary copies Four factors to evaluate Fair Use Character of use Nature of the work Amount of the work used Widespread effect on the market

4. Introductory videos

4.1. Trademarks, Patents, and Copyright

4.1.1. Video

4.2. Copyright basics

4.2.1. Video

4.3. Creative Commons licenses explained

4.3.1. Video

5. Creative Commons

5.1. Licenses

5.1.1. Pre-made legal contracts

5.1.2. Attribution BY

5.1.3. Non Commercial NC NC

5.1.4. Share-Alike SA

5.1.5. No Derivatives ND

5.1.6. Public Domain PD

5.2. Licenses combinations

5.2.1. Attribution - Share Alike BY-SA

5.2.2. Attribution - No Derivatives BY-ND

5.2.3. Attribution - Non Commercial BY-NC

5.2.4. Attribution - Non Commercial- Share Alike BY-NC-SA

5.2.5. Attribution - Non Commercial- No Derivatives BY-NC-ND

5.3. Deeds and Legal Codes

5.3.1. 3 layers