Physics 111 in the mind of Margeaux

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Physics 111 in the mind of Margeaux by Mind Map: Physics 111 in the mind of Margeaux

1. learning how to work in excel

1.1. making different graphs and adding the equations

2. weeklies

2.1. making videos

2.2. neat videos

2.3. using glog

3. 2012 just another day or end of the world

3.1. It is not going to be the end of the world, but we will need to learn how to deal with the sun rays. Atleast I hope it

4. Downloading and signing up for all of the programs and websites

4.1. Loggerpro

4.2. google site

4.3. mindmeister

4.4. dipity

4.5. vpython

4.6. skype

4.7. glogster

5. marshmallow launcher

5.1. square or triangle

5.2. rubberbands or glue

5.3. how far it shoots

6. Circular motion and rotation

6.1. rotating on a circle like an orbit

6.1.1. planet earth

6.1.2. the moon going around earth

6.1.3. a ball spinning

6.2. is caused by Centripetal Force

6.2.1. which is velocity squared divided by range times the mass of the object if y

6.2.2. an example would be a ball on the end of the string swinging working out

6.2.3. Centrifugal Force the reason why an object is moving baseball (distance/ distance x time) x (mass x velocity) an outward source away from the center of rotation Coriolis Force I am a bit confused by in the Northern Hemisphere it is to the right and southern hemisphere is to the left. is a visual effect

6.3. the earth has a circular motion and a rotation

7. Global warming

7.1. I believe that it is a hoax

7.1.1. CO2 recycles itself and monitors the temperature of the earth and based on the temperature of the earth it uses itself to heat and cool the earth so we are supposed to be heating up because we went through a small ice age.

7.2. I still believe that we need to work out to keep our animals and environment alive.