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Phones. by Mind Map: Phones.

1. Who made the first phones?

1.1. Was it one person who made it or more?

1.2. What did they make it out of?

1.3. Were did he/she come from?

2. How was the first phone made?

2.1. Where was it made?

2.2. What did they use to make it?

2.3. Was it made by hand or machine?

2.4. Was there more than one material used to make it?

3. What make was the first phone?

3.1. Why did they decide to make a phone?

3.2. Was they the only people to make a phone?

3.3. Did it even have a make?

4. When was the first phone made?

4.1. What year was it made?

4.2. Was it made in england?

4.3. Why was it made?

5. How will phones change in the future?

5.1. Will they have more features or less?

5.1.1. New node

5.2. How much will it cost?

5.3. What will make it different to the phones we have now?

5.4. Will it be a big change or small?

5.5. How much will it cost to make it?