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ITIL Service Lifecycle by Mind Map: ITIL Service Lifecycle
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ITIL Service Lifecycle

Service Strategy


Deep understanding of customer’s needs – who (customers), what (needs), when and why (needs occur), where (market places service provider operates in)

Understanding of questions., What kind of service must we offer and to whom?

Key Concepts

4 Ps of Strategy, Perspective, Position, Plan, Pattern

Competition and Market Space, Service Provider, Subject to competitive forces, better than competitors in understanding, dynamic of the marketplace, customers within it

Service Value, What is service value?, Service Utility, Outcomes supported, Ownership costs and risks avoided, Service Warranty

Service Provider Types, International service provider(I), Shared services unit(II), External service provider(III)

Service Management as Service Asset, Capabilities, Resources

Critical Success Factors(CSFs), Risks, Complexity, Effectiveness in measurement

Services Oriented Accounting

Connection with other elements

2 elements inter twist with other elements, Service Portfoilo, Service Catalogue

Give Service Design requirements

Give Service Transition requirments

Give Service Operation requirements

Service Implementation

Measurement and evaluation


Return On Investment(ROI)/Return of return(ROR), Definition, Business case, Objectives, Impact, Pre-programme ROI, Screening decisions (NPV), Preference decisions(IRR)

Service Design


The fundamental way of doing things - distinctive patterns in decisions and actions over time.

Key concepts

Four Ps Design