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Intranet Home by Mind Map: Intranet Home
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Intranet Home


Mobile Maintenance

Mobile Maintenance Team

Procedures, WIs and JHAs

Planning, Fuel and Lubricant Reconciliation

Safety, Safety Inductions, Working Permits, Safety Rep Self Help

Equipment Info

Fuel Management, Fuel Management System

Risk Assessments


Production Mining

Our Team


Mine Planning

Drill and Blast

Production Mining

Procedures, WIs and JHAs

Safety, Safety Induction, Work Permits, Safety Rep Self Help

Employee Pit Tours

Risk Assessment



Our Team

Safety, Safety Induction, Work Permits, Safety Rep Self Help

Production Process Systems

Procedures, WIs and JHAs

Standard Master Permits


Production Process, Procedures, WIs and JHAs

Process Maintenance, Procedures, WIs and JHAs, Mobile Crane Booking, Condition Monitoring

Recovery, Condition Monitoring

Process Maintenance Planning, Scheduler, Short Term Planner, Offline Planner, Senior Planner

Process Electrical, Procedures, WIs and JHAs, Project

Process Control, Procedures, WIs and JHAs, Citect, PLC, Delay Accounting, Change Management, Data Systems, Projects

Underground Project

This menu item is not active

Business Services

Business Improvement

Our Team

Current Projects, Recovery - It's Sorting that Counts, Shovel Servicing - On Line, On Time, Every Time, HPRC Segment Change

BI Methodologies

Completed Projects, Streamline - Pit To Stockpile, Processing - First Pass Perfection, Drill & Blast - Its The Way It Shatters That Matters, HMS Recrush - The Road To Recovery, Waste Rock Material - Pit2Tip


Photo Gallery


Business Systems


Our Business Systems, Ellipse, Information Management, Surface Mining, Process Mining, Underground, HR/Finance, HSE

Meet the Team

IT Infrastructure

Change Management

Change Determination

Register Change

Change Management Form

Record Change

View Change Request


Corporate Counsel

Contact Details


Document and Records Management

Our Team

About Document Management, How do you get access to the DMS

About Controlled Documents, Finding a Controlled Document, Editing a Controlled Document, Requesting a Controlled Document, Removing a Controlled Document, Review Controlled Document

Help and Training



Project Procedures

Electrical Engineering, Compliance Registers, Safety, Permits & Procedures, Training Manuals

Mechanical Engineering, Major Equipment Library, Classified Plant, Crane & Lifting Equipment

Engineering Standards, Architectural, Civil, Electrical, General, Mechanical, Structural

Australian Standards

Drawing Office, Drafting Procedures, Drawing Search



Our Team

Env. Management System, Foundation of the EMS, Environmental Policy, Environmental Responsibility, Legal Obligations, Checking and Inspecting, Monitoring, Objectives & Targets, Emergency Response & Preparedness

Focus Areas, Air, Cultural Heritage, Flora & Fauna, Hazardous Materials, Land, Waste Management, Rehabilitation and Closure, Water

Training & Communication

Aspects & Impact

East Kimberley Env

Environmental Reps

Environmental Incidents



External Affairs


Use of Company Logos

Events & Partnerships

Policies and Procedures


Facilities Maintenance







Finance and Decision Support

Our Team

Accounts & Treasury

Business Systems, Admins - Costs and Capital, Ellipse and Corvu, Viewbook, Hyperion, Access to Hyperion, Training for Hyperion, Hyperion Change Control, Help for Hyperion

Capital, Capital Expenditure Application, Capital Expenditure Overrun, Spend Complete/Project Finalised, Asset Transfer, Asset Disposal, Who to Contact

Financial Reporting, Capital, Corporate Structure, Financial Reports, Management Reports, Monthly Performance Report, Monthly Commentary

Month End Process, Month End Operating Costs Deadlines, Month End Timetable, What is an Accrual?, How to Raise an Accrual, Cost Transfers, Journal Template

Planning, Planning General, Planning Assumptions, Planning Timetable


Tax Services



Our Team

Internal Audit



Sarbanes Oxley, Sarbanes Oxley Documentation, Business-wide Projects

Compliance Risk Assessment

Compliance Training


Licence Types

Policies & Procedures


Health and Safety

Our Team

H&S Policies

H&S Plan

RT H&S Safety Management Standards

RT Performance Standards

AD Safety Standards

H&S Management System, Safeguard, Incident Report, Safety Observation, Inspection Reports, Meeting Minutes, Audits, Actions, Safe Start Meetnings, Auditing & Legislative Compliance

Health Services, Health Standards, Peer Support, SIRs & Shared Learnings, Relevant Incident Reports

Safety Services, SafeGuard, Safety Recognition Award, JHAs, Workplace Inspections, Working Permits

H&S Communications, Health Updates, Safety Alerts, Shared Learnings Register, Rio Tinto Safety Website Notices

H&S Links

H&S Policies and Procedures

H&S Training & Competence, H&S Course Material, VAST Project, Toolbox Videos, Induction Presentation

H&S Feedback

Human Resources

HR Team

Resources for Leaders



Pay & Benefits, Payroll, Employee Benefits


Employee Relations

HR Policies

Leaving Argyle, Resignation, Retirement, Redundancy

Work Performance Review



Business Systems

Risk Management

Argyle Risk Team

Risk Assessments, Argyle Strategic, Finance and Sales, Human Resources, Operations, Resource Protection Group, Underground, Project

Argyle Risk Management Documents and Templates

Argyle Risk Register - CURA Online Access


Mine Site and Office Access, Visitor and Contractor Access, Keys, Security Access Cards

Security Procedures, Security Clearance, Designated Areas, Fit for Work, Found Diamonds, Searching, Surveillance

Emergency Management, Emergency Contact Details, Evacuation Tones, Quick Reference Emergency Response, Bomb Threats, Disaster Management & Emergency Response Team

Perth Mail and Couriers, Mail, Couriers, Express Post, Postal Address, Receival And Dispatch


Supply Chain

Procure to Pay

Contract Management, Major / Long Term Works, Category 2, Category 3A, Short Term Works, Category 1, Category 3A, Category 3B, Contract Management Feedback

Logistics, Freight and Dispatch, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Local Sourcing, Purchasing


Travel and Accommodation

Our Team

Travel Bookings, Requesting Travel, Checking Travel Bookings, How A&T Affects You, Travel Priority System, Bringing a Contractor to Site

Accommodation, Argyle Village, Facilities, Amenities, Wandarrie Village, Facilities, Amenities, Accomodation Priority System, Room Servicing

Flight & Bus Timetables, Commute Flights, Commute Bus, Shift Bus, Airport Bus, Social Bus

Policies and Procedures

Travel & Accomodation Update

Initiatives and Reporting, Initiatives, Reporting

Skywest Specials



Citrix Access


Event Photos

Sale of Goods

Goods For Sale (listing)

Social Club

Perth Social Club

Site Social Club

Upcoming Events

Staff Discounts

General Notices

Upcoming Events

Free To Good Home

Footy Tipping

Home Content

Header Links

Argyle Internet

Rio Tinto Portal


My Links


Australian Standards

Change Management

Controlled Documents

Emergency Management

Graphic Plan

Health and Safety


Payroll & Emp Services

Phone Book



Travel and Accommodation

White Pages

Company Communications

14 News Items


AD Intranet Presentation

Employee Volunteer Programme

Employee Volunteer Programme

Brilliance Communications

Current Newsletter

Previous Editions (Newsletter)

Current DVD

Previous Editions (DVD)

Blast Communications

Current edition

Previous edition

What's New on the Intranet

Payroll and Employee Services

Intranet Administration

Intranet Roles & Responsibilities

Intranet Development Guildelines

Navigating the Intranet