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ePortfolios by Mind Map: ePortfolios

1. Benefits

1.1. The students will receive more recognition for individual learning abilities and preferences.

1.2. It will promote self goal making.

1.3. They will exercise self assessment by reflecting.

1.4. The students will have a personal learning record.

2. Tools to Create Portfolios

2.1. Evernote

2.1.1. Evernote will sync with your smart devices, such as your ipad, iphone, etc.

2.1.2. It saves articles, your thoughts, and notebooks on information you find on the internet.

2.1.3. Evernote is a great tool to use to mange your time, and projects.

2.1.4. Evernote enables a person to upload paper documents to it.

2.1.5. It also allows the student to share their information with others and email classmates, and add links to your notes taken on a supject.

2.2. ePearl

2.2.1. It is a bilingual, web-based electronic portfolio software.

2.2.2. Learn to reflect on their learning meaningfully and to comment constructively on the work of their peers.

2.2.3. Learn basic word processing commands through use of a text editor.

2.2.4. Archive selected artifacts within a Presentation Portfolio over the course of their education.

2.3. Chalk Wire

2.3.1. Chalk wire will give feedback to anything that has been submitted—an essay, a video, or a multimedia presentation.

2.3.2. Chalk Wire is used by several colleges.

3. ePortfolios vs Traditional

3.1. Traditional portfolios become large and to hard to store.

3.2. Eportfolios, store everything electronically, work made on paper can also scanned and saved digitally.

3.3. Set context

4. Challenges

4.1. Privacy issues.

4.2. It's time consuming.

4.3. Long term maintenance.