Developing Risk Taking in Students

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Developing Risk Taking in Students by Mind Map: Developing Risk Taking in Students

1. Encouraging students to try out for sports or plays helps cultivate risk taking skills in children

2. Provide tools for experimentation

2.1. (Like TinkerSchool)

3. Provide a "safe" and "nurturing" environment for experimentation

4. Engage students in thinking "outside the box"

5. Provide an environment that rewards "heroes" (the game's high scorers) - competition

6. Playing games with kids of all ages.

7. Provide activities that are engaging and meaningful and students are comfortable to learn.

8. Have students set goals that are attainable and motivating

9. Open ended games and open ended software


11. Recognize failure as an ACCEPTED place on the pathway to success

12. Gaming

13. Provide teaming opportunities in order to make risk taking "safer"

14. Model risk taking behaviors for students

15. Encouraging kids to try something new

16. Encouraging multiple solutions to a problem

17. Carefully used, conflict can be a route to change