Differentiation with a purpose

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Differentiation with a purpose by Mind Map: Differentiation with a purpose

1. Interests

1.1. Sports

1.1.1. Strategy: Wear a jersey that reflects a specific letter.

1.1.2. Strategies: Cut out your favorite sport team and match it with a letter.

1.2. Song

1.2.1. Strategy: Create your own alphabet song.(Students can record their song using the classroom computer and a recording app (Quickvoice)

1.2.2. Strategy Write a song about the alphabet.

2. Learning Profiles

2.1. Visual

2.1.1. Strategy: Have each letter posted on the board or use a powerpoint projector to illustrate each letter in bold colors.

2.1.2. Strategy: Have images to go with each word (for example having the letter A be accompanied with an apple)

2.2. Audio

2.2.1. Strategy: Listen to a version of the alphabet song (students can watch videos on youtube or they can listen to it during free time on an audio device, such as tape recorder)

2.2.2. Strategy: The teacher says the letter, and then the students repeat

2.3. Kinesthetic

2.3.1. Strategy: Have students write the letters using playdough or shaving cream

2.3.2. Strategy: Create or draw an object that begins with your name. (K - draw a kitten)

3. Readiness

3.1. Lower level students

3.1.1. Strategy: Write the letters of the English alphabet

3.2. Average

3.2.1. Strategy: Teacher will say a letter, student must write it out.

3.2.2. Strategy: Teacher will say a letter, student must give a word that begins with that eltter.

3.3. Higher level

3.3.1. Strategy: Teacher will say a letter, student must pronounce the sound that that letter makes.

3.3.2. Strategy: Teacher will say a word, teacher must give the letter that the word begins with.

4. Objective: Identify the letters of the alphabet.

5. M

6. Employee