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"Celebrities exert an undeserved influence over the young." Do you agree? by Mind Map: "Celebrities exert an
undeserved influence over the
young." Do you agree?
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"Celebrities exert an undeserved influence over the young." Do you agree?

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Some of the celebrities can be influential (positive) and inspirational at the same time

MJ inspired many people to dance

Oprah Winfrey

Celebrities doing charity work or volunteering work (donations, helping out in LDCs)

Jackie Chan, Andy Lau







Definition of Keywords

Celebrities: those that are famous or well-known, Local Celebrities (Singapore), Actors/Actresses, Singers, Comedians, International Celebrities (US, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.), Movie Stars, Actors/Actresses, Singers, Comedians

undeserved: Not merited; unjustifiable or unfair.

influence: the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others

young: youths that may not be matured in terms of thoughts, normally aged below 21.


Agree:Celebrities exert an undeserved influence over the young.

Do not agree: Celebrities do not always exert an undeserved influence over the young.


Image that is portrayed by the celebrities onscreen

Image of celebrities may not be suited for all ages, especially for the young, Sexy, Violent, Sucidal, having a life full of parties, short-term relationships, drugs, and alcohol, Plastic Surgery

An image whereby non-celebrities will envy, Glamourous, Constantly under the limelight, Earning alot of money, Whatever they say/do/wear, it is the trendiest/coolest thing, Overly thin (or even anorexia which will also lead to bulimia)

Different mediums of media which magnify celebrites' behaviours off-screen

Scandals of celebrities

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With the use of technology and globalisation, young not only get influenced by local celebrities but overseas celebrities. (w/o censorship since it is available on the internet)

Local celebrities may not have that much influence as the culture is pretty much similar

international celebrities may be really infuential, Actors/Actresses/Movie Stars, Some of the movies/dramas which consist of violent scenes played by young's favourite celebrities may lead to the young feeling that "violence is cool" and it is highly possible that they might mimic it in their daily lives, Singers, Lyrics of songs may not be always bringing the correct message to audience, Vulgarities, Sucidal messages, Music Videos may not be appropriate for all ages (esp. young), For example, Lady Gaga's MVs are not really suitable for the younger ones due to some of its violent, sexual content

Young's immaturity

Problems differentiating from times onscreen and reality

Young's curosity

for those who are younger, they are in the midst of development and when they are also very curious about everything around them, whatever they see or hear would be very influential/impactful on them, they may also want to mimic what the adults (including celebrities) do which may not be necessarily right

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