Video Production Mind Map

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Video Production Mind Map by Mind Map: Video Production Mind Map

1. Post Production

1.1. Sharing

1.1.1. Exporting DVD Creation Prep for Web Viewing Produce Share on You Tube Copy to a DVD Upload to a Website Other Method of Distribution

1.2. Post Production


2. Pre-Production

2.1. Planning

2.1.1. Scripting Story Boarding Shot list The teacher will provide a sample Script. Students will practice writing their scripts and Pair and Share to check for problems or errors.

2.1.2. Settings Should be a Quiet space. Somewhere that can be closed off when recording.

2.1.3. Tools to have available Recorder with USB connector or Bluetooth capabilities. Laptops or IPads

2.2. Introduce Pre-Production with Graphic Organizers, summary of tools available, and guided practice.

3. Production

3.1. Filming

3.1.1. Editing Special Effects Audio Music Select Content Pick a Tool Planning

3.1.2. Use BYOD and students can record with their devices as needed.

3.2. Review all steps to Production

3.2.1. Have students use checklist to ensure the structure is followed.