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3 minute team film by Mind Map: 3 minute team film
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3 minute team film

Which cameras?

You know how to use it

Smart phones

Digital stills cameras

Digital video cameras

Web cameras

Digital audio recorders

Screen grabbing software, QuickTime Screen Recording, GovHack Website for more examples

You can work quickly

Avoid complicated or high end gear unless you know what you're doing!

No pressure to use high end gear

Why a film?

Efficient team presentations

International audience

Everyone can watch

Simple, consistent process for judges

A fun way to record your memories!

Why only 3 mins?

Present your GovHack

With brevity

With clarity

Judges will stop watching at 3 mins!

How to prepare

Simple outline

It must be easy to watch and hear

Use a storyboard style or template, "Once upon a time...", Hero's Journey, News at 10


Notes for images, Features to click, Screens to show, What and why explanation

Notes for voice-over, Key phrases, 30 second pitch

You don't have Lots of time

No need to be a masterpiece

Don't include

Things you don't have rights for, Movie soundtracks, Pop music, Photographs or drawings, Creative Commons is good

No need for a detailed script

Other tips and support for producing your Team GovHack video

Over the weekend, Twitter, @gavintapp (Aus), @telling_stories (NZ), GovHack website, Forums, Q&As, Watching previous years, Use this mind map

How to film your video


Simple locations are great, Relevant is best, Your hack, Your team, Your location, Consider or control the light, Natural daylight works well, Tungsten lamps give a nice soft light, Show a lamp in the background, Fluorescent and other lights can flicker on some cameras, Test a short clip, In camera playback, On a bigger screen, Avoid distractions, Flashing lights, Lots of movement

Keep the camera stable!, Tripod, Desk, Stack of books, Chair back, Beanbag, Camera rig, Shoulder


Single presenter, Talking?, Recording voice overs to go over other shots, A quiet area is essential, Indoors?, A small room with soft furnishings and carpet helps, Consider using a coat or duvet covering the head and microphone!, Outdoors?, Traffic noise, Wind noise, Be closer to the microphone, Consider recording separate audio on something nearer to the presenter, A smartphone in a shirt pocket or hat band can record clearer audio, You'll need to 'clap' before each recording to help synchronise in the edit, Recording a person talking to camera, Keep other noises to minimum, Microphones, Separate microphones are great, Lapel or body mounted microphone is best, Handheld microphone is good, Camera microphones are OK, Use directional function if you have it, Holding up simple signs in really noisy locations can be fun!, Demo'ing, Over the shoulder to show using screen, Make others aware you're recording to avoid interruptions or loud noises

Group presenting, Talking?, One at a time!, Medium wide shots from waist to head, Reactions?, Wide from behind computer to show reactions, Cut to computer screens

What should be in the video?


Team name

Hack name

Each team member name

Team photo or brief film clip

Record your teams progress

Still images, Smart phone, Timelapse, DSLR, Screen grabs

Short clips, Key moments, Whiteboard planning, Notable 1st's, Brainstorm, Team build

Describe your hack

What does it do?, What did it aim to do?

What data sets did you use?, Did you combine disparate ones?, Judges find this particularly interesting

What technologies did you use?, Programming languages?, Hosting?, Intersting or unique technical features?

Expertise used?, Design, User Interface, Visuals, Research

Demo your hack

What to hear?, Voice over, Benefits of your hack, Who benefits?, Lives improved?, Society value?, What next?, Any missing features?, Computer, You hack sounds

What to see?, Video, You and your team, Someone using your hack, Their reactions, Their feedback, Computer, All key features, Screenshots, Screen recordings

How to edit your video

Editing software

Simple and quick is better, Free is even better!, Try iMovie, Try Movie Maker, Other free or low cost edit Apps

Editing Apps on smartphones or tablets are fine

Use your storyboard to guide your edit

Avoid complicated or slow Apps, Renders must be quick!, All editing takes time!

Avoid fancy fades and edits, Unless they are vital for the story of your hack!

Hosting your video

Upload to an online video site, YouTube, VIMEO, Other sites

Leave enough time to upload!, 3 min 720 videos take about 10 mins to render, Allow another 10 mins to upload

Include the URL on your GovHack website form

Render resoultion

Avoid higher resolutions for improved post production speed, 720, 1080, 2K, 4K, 8K?

More information in this short film:

This mind map is free for anyone to share, copy, print or whatever! Enjoy it, enjoy GovHack 2015! See you at Whanganui, NZ!