Flip video camera

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Flip video camera by Mind Map: Flip video camera

1. Who is it aimed for?

1.1. Teenagers

1.2. this is because it's new, convenient and easy to use.

1.3. Fits in their pocket/handbag easy.

1.4. Could be aimed for men between 20 and 30

1.5. video their kids first steps.

2. Tv advert...

2.1. friends for life.

2.2. mans bestfriend... dog thing.

2.3. growing old with her cam thing, videoing different stages of her life.

3. What makes it different from others.

3.1. its smaller

3.2. its got a USB attached to it.

3.3. it plugs in to the tv

3.4. smaller

3.5. lighter

3.6. its funky

4. What does it do?

4.1. Video's

4.2. its got a memory stick in the side of it to save the recordings.

4.3. its got a USB attached to it, so that it plugs into things, and you never loose it.

4.4. It also plugs into the tv to watch the video's on your tv.

5. Idea's for names

5.1. midge cam

5.2. quick flip cam

5.3. quick flip cam

6. What is special about it?

6.1. its a small video camera so it fits in your pocket easy.

6.2. its got a usb that flips out, so you wont loose it.

6.3. its light and its not heavy

6.4. Easy to use.

6.5. new.

6.6. convinient

7. Slogans...

7.1. Quick flip cam, capture's everything.

7.2. Oh so easy.

7.3. its just a flip away...

7.4. Its a mans bestfriend.. guess again

7.5. se life through the eyes of perfection

7.6. its so flippin easy

7.7. capture everything... in a blink

8. accesories..

8.1. Different colour skins