Vi - Jungle Route and Clearing

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Vi - Jungle Route and Clearing by Mind Map: Vi - Jungle Route and Clearing

1. Route

1.1. When it comes to Vi's jungle route it's pretty simple. The only real choices you make are based on whether or not you believe that top will be gankable since you'll always be starting on the bottom side of the map and finishing on the top side. Deciding whether or not top is gankable is something you should be doing as you cross the mid lane from one side of the jungle to the other, as this is where your paths will deviate based on that decision. If you're completely sure, go with the gank route just in case.

1.2. Blue Side

1.2.1. If top is not looking for sure gankable Krugs, Red, Wolves, Blue

1.2.2. If top is gankable Krugs, Red, Blue

1.2.3. It's important to note that you don't make this decision at level 1. You make it as you're walking up to wolves. For more information on deciding whether or not to gank a lane pre-6, check out the dominating pre-6 with Vi video

1.3. Red Side

1.3.1. If top is not looking for sure gankable Gromp, Blue, Wolves, Red

1.3.2. If top is gankable Gromp, Blue, Red

1.4. Video Creator Info

1.4.1. This should have maps and such demonstrating the paths/deviations. Doesn't require much explaining.

2. Clearing Efficiently

2.1. Mechanics

2.1.1. Auto Resets Make sure to perfectly your auto whenever your E comes up

2.1.2. Qing the Camp You want to hit every monster in the camp with you Q Gromp Wolves Blue Raptors Krugs Red

2.1.3. Proccing W This is a small thing, but you want to make sure that you get your three hits off on one target to get the bonus AS, so don't just randomly switch around what you're autoing

2.2. Pathing

2.2.1. It's very important when playing Vi to get a lot of farm. She farms very well and scales into the mid game excellently, so having that free gold is essential. A huge part of doing this is farming efficiently. To do this, when leaving your base, you always want to be thinking about what camp you're headed to and why. If you're going to be farming, look for the side with the most camps up and start at the far end of it working your way back towards the other side of the jungle. This doesn't mean that you have to do a full clear, but if that happens this is most efficient.

2.2.2. Video Creator Info Let's have a graphic with different sets of camps up and draw some lines showing the most efficient path.

2.3. Perfect Before Advancing Challenge

2.3.1. We need to design a jungle clearing course/test. I still need to figure this out.

3. Smite Usage

3.1. We get asked a lot how the Chilling Smite should be used. Should I use it to farm, or should I use it to gank? The answer to this is farily simple: You almost always want to save your smite for ganks. The only situations in which you want to use your Smite in the jungle are if you're for sure about to head back to base, if you're doing the Raptor camp, or if you need to secure a camp away from an enemy (or a feeding mid laner trying to steal your blue, of course).