Parent/Teacher Conference

This is a map to practice building skills.

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Parent/Teacher Conference by Mind Map: Parent/Teacher Conference

1. Parent

1.1. How does the child interact with teacher and other adults?

1.2. How does the child interact with other children?

1.3. What activities frustrate or engage my child in class?

1.4. How does my child work in groups?

1.5. What classroom structure or instructional style fits my child best?

1.6. What areas need improvement?

2. Student

2.1. Strengths of the student.

2.2. What does the student say about school?

2.3. What frustrates the student?

2.4. What activities interest the student?

2.5. Describe student's peers and social relations.

3. Teacher

3.1. Who does the student socialize with outside of school?

3.2. What responsibilities does the student have outside of school?

3.3. What goals do you have for your child?